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For the Goblin High Priest NPC, see High Priest (Goblin).

Goblin High Priest is a miniquest which involves the 5 goblin high priests of the Goblin Temple in the Goblin cave.

  • You will need at least level 40 Prayer to perform Hopespear's task; otherwise he will say "Me have favour to ask you, but me not think you holy enough yet."
  • Bring a Ghostspeak Amulet and a Ring of Visibility as well as Dramen staff or Lunar staff. Note: do not equip your ghostspeak amulet as a goblin, you will be changed back into a human. However, it is safe to equip the ring of visibility. Equip your amulet after you have entered the room Hopespear is in.
A player saying Redeyes's name
  • You will find the ghost of Hopespear, the goblin prophet. After talking to him, you will find that he wants you to bury the goblin priests' bones in Yu'biusk.
  • You must kill the priests with no armour or weapons equipped and use no runes to obtain their bones. Players are recommended to take good food and prayer potions. Familliars cannot be summoned here

Image Priest Name Level Bone Prayer Reward Attack Style
File:Snothead.PNG Snothead 35 File:Snotheads bone.PNG 1,750 exp Melee
File:Snailfeet.PNG Snailfeet 45 File:Snailfeets bone.PNG 2,250 exp Melee and Magic
File:Mosschin.PNG Mosschin 55 File:Mosschines bone.PNG 2,750 exp Melee and Magic
File:Redeyes.PNG Redeyes 65 File:Redeyes bone.PNG 3,250 exp Melee and Magic, lowers Combat (Attack, Strength and Defence) skills.
File:Strongbones.PNG Strongbones 75 File:Strongbones bone.PNG 3,750 exp Melee and Magic, lowers Combat (Attack, Strength and Defence) skills, summons Level 15 Skoblins
Total: 13,750 exp
  • Use of Protect from Magic is recommended for the level 75, Strongbones, as he summons 4-6 Skoblins (A skeleton, goblin mix). The protection prayer stops him from summoning these. Protect magic also prevents them from decreasing your stats.
  • Once you have all of the bones, use the fairy rings and enter the code BLQ to be transported to Yu'biusk, and bury the bones anywhere.
  • Messages:
    • Examine grave: A goblin high priest is buried here.
    • Say-name Grave: An undead goblin priest rises from the grave.
    • Examine X: A goblin high priest, back from the grave.
    • Examine X's bone: An ancient goblin bone wrapped in fragments of priestly robes.
    • Bury X's bone: You dig a hole in the ground. You bury the bones. You feel a wave of gratitude from the spirit of X. You have gained Y Prayer XP.

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