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The Gnome Stronghold Agility Arena. Advanced course is one level above Branch Climb (up): Climb-up Tree, Run-across Signpost, Swing-to Pipe, and Jump-over Barrier to Finish.

The Gnome Stronghold agility course (labelled Agility Training Area on the world map) is an Agility training area and is the first place for members to train at level 1 Agility. It is located south-east of the Grand Tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, north-west of East Ardougne. There are many gnomes around the course that shout insults at you.



It has no requirements, and players cannot take damage here - therefore, food is not required. However, when taking the advanced route, it is possible to fail the signpost run and take up to 6 damage. Players may benefit by using an energy potion or another similar item so they can recover their energy. Players gain 86.5 experience points for a complete circuit. This is the "only" place to train Agility until the player has access to better courses.

On 21 June 2009, the advanced route was added to the course.

The best way to get there, if the player has completed Tree Gnome Village, is to use the spirit tree teleports. Otherwise, players can use a Gnome glider (after The Grand Tree quest), or by walking north-west from East Ardougne.

Basic course

Image Name XP Image Name XP
File:Gnome agility1.png »
Walk-across Log Balance
7 File:Gnome agility2.png »
Climb-over Obstacle net
File:Gnome agility3.png »
Climb Tree branch
5 File:Gnome agility4.png »
Walk-on Balancing Rope
File:Gnome agility5.png »
Climb-down Tree branch
5 File:Gnome agility6.png »
Climb-over Obstacle net
File:Gnome agility7.png »
Squeeze-through Obstacle pipe

Completion bonus is 46 experience, which totals 86.5 experience per round. Players would need to complete the circuit 150,687 times to get from level 1 to level 99.

Advanced course

Level 85 Agility is a requirement for entering the advanced course. Boosts may be used, but if the player's level falls below 85 they will be unable to access the advanced course. If the player's level falls below 85 after entering the advanced course they will still be able to finish the course.

The first three obstacles are the same as the basic course. The advanced course is one level higher above the 'Climb Tree branch' spot and continues above the basic course to the same finish area.

Image Name XP Image Name XP
File:Gnome agility1.png »

Walk-across Log Balance

7.5 File:Gnome agility2.png »

Climb-over Obstacle net

File:Gnome agility3.png »

Climb Tree branch

5 File:agnomeclimb.png »

Climb-up Tree

File:agnomerun.png »

Run-across Signpost

25 File:agnomejump.png »

Swing-to Pole

File:agnomepipe.png »

Jump-over Barrier


You get 725 experience per lap. Players who complete 250 successful laps may acquire Agile legs from the Gnome trainers. To find out the number of successful laps completed, players must talk to a Gnome trainer about rewards.

  • Player: Can I talk about rewards?
  • Gnome trainer: Well, you've still got work to do. Your lap count is X. It's 250 successful laps for the reward!

An average lap of the advanced course takes about 50 seconds. However, a "perfect lap" can be completed in as low as 37.0 seconds.

The only obstacle that can be failed on the advanced course is the signpost run. If failed, the player will still manage to pass the obstacle, but he will pause for a few seconds to gasp for breath and also take 6 damage (or less if the player has less HP remaining).


The unnamed pipe uses its default name.
  • There used to be an unnamed pipe on the course; this has since been corrected.
  • The extended agility course cannot be failed once players reach level 89 Agility.
  • Players’ shadows should no longer look odd on the Gnome Agility Course’s rope swing due to an update on 9 November 2009.


Signpost reads: 3 food images with Batta Bom Krachis then, Gal prit equa! Aluft doogle sen smai!

  • Refers to Gnome cooking - Eatia (Battas), Bom (Gnomebowls), and Krachis (Crunchies)
  • Equa refers to Equa leaves
  • Using the Translation book, Gal prit equa! translates to "All with Equa!" as all Gnome cooking includes Equa leaves as an ingredient.
  • Aluft doogle sen smai! remains untranslated.
    • Aluft may refer to Aluft Gianne Sr or Aluft Gianne Jr
    • Doogle might refer to Doogle leaves, however it is not included in any Gnome cooking recipes.
    • doogle or sen may be a verb
    • smai may be an adjective of Aluft or Aluft doogle

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