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Gnome Restaurant is a minigame that involves Gnome cooking and delivering the food to your customers as quickly as possible. To start the minigame, players have to talk to Aluft Gianne Jr in the Grand Tree, in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

It is very helpful to have completed The Grand Tree quest to gain access to the Gnome gliders, Tree Gnome Village to gain access to the Spirit trees, and Fairytale II - Cure a Queen to gain access to Fairy Rings .


Seeking Employment

Players start by speaking to Aluft Gianne Jr in the Grand Tree. He is located north of the bank on the first floor. He will ask the player to speak to Aluft Gianne Sr to learn the art of Gnome cooking, and then to Blurberry to learn the art of Gnome cocktails.

Aluft Gianne Sr, located one platform east of Junior, will get the player to prepare four different gnome dishes. Players may trade Hudo, located just to the north, to get any additional ingredients if they mess up. They can also use the Gnome cooking range to cook the food.
Aluft Jr's office

Blurberry is located on the same floor, but in the south-east section of the tree. He will get the player to prepare four different cocktails. Players may trade Heckel Funch just to the east to get additional ingredients if they mess up.

Once players have completed the cooking and cocktail-making, they can now run a delivery service around RuneScape. The sequence is...

  • Getting a new task from Aluft Gianne Jnr.
  • Making the gnome food or cocktail required.
  • Delivering the food to the required destination within the time limit.

Players are given a delivery box, which they can click on at any time to refresh their memory as to what the current required food and destination is. The player may choose an easy task which involves walking from the Grand Tree to somewhere close (within the Gnome Stronghold) to deliver the food, or a hard task that involves a customer anywhere in RuneScape. Easy tasks generally have a time limit of around 6 minutes, whereas Hard tasks are usually around 11 minutes.

Because a bank is very close to Junior, all the player should have in his inventory are Coins and possibly a few Teleports. An Amulet of Glory and Ring of duelling are useful for returning to the Grand Tree via the Gnome glider. Also, the Mobilising Armies teleport is useful as it is between a bank and a spirit tree.

File:Vegetable_batta.PNG Food and Drinks File:Drunk_Dragon.PNG

Please see article Gnome cooking.

File:Delivery_box.png Destinations

RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor (immediately above the ground floor), second floor, etc.

Easy orders

In or around Tree Gnome Stronghold to be completed within 6 minutes; earns 1 credit towards 12 needed for 1 food item in Reward Tokens.

Image Name Location
Burkor Tower guard south-east of the Gnome Ball field.
Brimstail South-west part of Tree Gnome Stronghold just east of bridge, enter Hollowed Rock to get into the cave.
Captain Errdo Gnome glider pilot, top level of the Grand Tree.
Coach Walks clockwise around outside of the Gnome Ball field.
Dalila Aluft restaurant customer, north-west in the Grand Tree on second level.
Damwin Cheerleader in pub/bar, second tree east of Gnome Ball field.
Eebel In a tree south of the Stronghold, just east of a cave.
Ermin Spinner south of Magic tree south-east of Gnome Stronghold agility course.
Femi Trader just outside south gates.
Froono Boy in a tree south of the bank, and south of Magic tree, and west of Gnome Stronghold agility course.
Guard Vemmeldo At the bank west of Gnome Stronghold agility course.
Gulluck Armourer, upstairs on third level of the Grand Tree, south section.
King Narnode Shareen Base of Grand Tree.
Meegle Terrorbird breeder, south-west of Tree Gnome Stronghold, west of the bridge.
Perrdur Aluft restaurant customer north-west in Grand Tree on second level.
Rometti Master Tailor, who trades fine fashion, northeast in the Grand Tree on the second level.
Sarble In the Swamp area, west of the Grand Tree.
Trainer Nacklepen In the Tortoise pen, north of the Swamp area.
Wurbel Gnome Ball fan, up in the tree south of Gnome Ball field.

Recommended quests

In order to complete all the orders with ease, the following quests are recommended:

Hard orders

Anywhere in RuneScape to be completed within 11 minutes; earns 3 credits toward 12 needed for 1 food item in Reward Tokens.

Image Name Difficulty reaching Location Tips Requirements
Ambassador Ferrnook ***** On the first floor of Varrock castle , search the area around the stairs. He'll be at a dead end near a suit of armour and a combat dummy. A Varrock teleport is the quickest way to reach him. Also, Spirit tree may be used to get to the Grand exchange. None
Ambassador Gimblewap ***** On the first floor of Ardougne castle. An Ardougne teleport or a spirit tree teleport to "North-east of the khazard battlefield" is the quickest way to reach him. None
Ambassador Spanfipple ***** On the first floor of the Falador castle. A Falador teleport is the quickest way to reach him. None
Brambickle ***** North of Trollweiss Mountain near the exit of Ice Trolls cave. A Trollheim teleport is the quickest way to reach him. Be sure to use Protect from Melee when running past the ice trolls. None
Captain Bleemadge ***** Top of White wolf mountain. The gnome glider is the quickest way to reach him. Grand Tree quest
Captain Daerkin ***** Centre of the stands in the Duel Arena. A Ring of duelling teleport is the quickest way to reach him. A gnome glider is also available to the Al-Kharid gate. None
Captain Dalbur ***** Al-Kharid Gnome gilder pilot. The gnome glider is the best way to reach him.
Captain Klemfoodle ***** Karamja

Gnome glider pilot.

The gnome glider is the quickest way to reach him. Grand Tree Quest
Captain Ninto ***** In the Dwarven bar beneath White wolf mountain. A House teleport to the Taverley portal is the quickest way to reach him. A gnome glider ride to the top of white wolf mountain is available, as well as a Camelot Teleport to Camelot, then walking to Catherby to get to the tunnel. Alternatively, use of the Balloon transport system from the Gnome Stronghold to Taverley with normal logs. Need to have done Fishing Contest.
Garkor ***** On Ape Atoll near Awowogei north-east of the island. Teleport to Ape Atoll (saving Awowogei in Recipe for Disaster required); Monkey greegree is HIGHLY recommended.

Must have started Monkey Madness

G.L.O. Caranock ***** In the shipyard in the hut on Karamja. The gnome glider is the quickest way to reach him. None
Gnormadium Avlafrim ***** Gnome glider pilot in Feldip Hills. The gnome glider is the quickest way to reach him. Alternatively, the fairy ring code AKS can be used if One Small Favour is not completed. completed One Small Favour
File:Hazelmere.PNG Hazelmere *****

Archipelago east of Yanille, up a ladder.

(Only before While Guthix Sleeps)

Very close to Fairy ring code "CLS". None
King Bolren ***** Inside Tree Gnome Village next to the Spirit Tree. Use the spirit tree None
King Narnode Shareen ***** Base of the Grand Tree. Run to him. None
Lieutenant Schepbur ***** Battlefield of Khazard, south side of the river, near the giant Tortoises, and just outside the Tree Gnome Village. Use the Spirit Tree to travel to the Tree Gnome Village. Squeeze through the fence, and select follow option on Elkoy. Schepbur is near Elkoy at the entrance of the maze, near a pair of level 92 tortoises. None
Penwie ***** Wandering south of the Gnome glider with jogres on Karamja. He's hard to see. The gnome glider is the quickest way to reach him. None
Professor Imblewyn ***** In the Magic Guild, ground floor. Watchtower teleport or House teleport (located in Yanille) are fast ways to get to him. 66 Magic/63 with a wizard mind bomb.
Professor Manglethorp ***** West side of main Keldagrim hall, on the ground floor, near the door. The Trapdoor near the Grand Exchange is the quickest way to reach him. visited Keldagrim at least
Professor Onglewip ***** Just outside the Blue Wizards' tower south of Draynor Village. The fairy ring code D I S is the quickest way to reach him; an alternative method is using Amulet of Glory teleport; yet another way is using a runecrafting guild teleport tablet. None
Wingstone ***** Just north of the Agility Pyramid near Nardah and Sophanem. There are many ways to reach Wingstone. The Pharaoh's sceptre to the Agility pyramid is by far the quickest way to reach him. Another way is to use the broomstick to fly to the sorceress' garden, then go to the desert, and take the magic carpets to Pollnivneach and then to Nardah. Alternatively, one could use the fairy ring code DLQ and run south to Nardah, or they can use a Ring of slaying to teleport to Sumona in Pollnivneach and take the carpet to Nardah from there. Note: Wingstone has a very large wandering radius. You may have to look for him a bit. None

1. Fairytale II - Cure a Queen must be started and progressed to the point where the ability to use fairy rings has been gained.


For each delivery, there is a reward token. For fast deliveries, there is an increased chance of obtaining a good tip. Being able to make fast "hard deliveries" is a good way to obtain decent rewards from this minigame.

File:Reward_Token_(Gnome_Restaurant).PNG Reward Tokens

  • Players receive points for completing a delivery. Every 'easy' delivery gives one point. Hard deliveries earn 3 points.
  • After obtaining 12 points, a Reward Token is given.
  • After that, every 12 points earned gives an additional food item to be delivered. Players can have up to 10 items of food delivered to them at once. This is not instantaneous, and these will be Gnome food (such as those served in Grand Tree, and those made during the game). Players will need free inventory spots to hold the food.
  • Outside the Tzhaar Fight Caves, Bones to Peaches is a much better option. (This token may help the player restore a great deal of Hitpoints in the Fight Caves if used properly.)

Easy delivery tips

Hard delivery item tips

Unique items

  • File:Gnome goggles.png Gnome goggles - Only available from All of the Captains, two off-duty gnome pilots.
  • File:Gnome scarf.png Gnome scarf - Only available from All of the Captains, two off-duty gnome pilots.
  • File:Seed pod.png Seed pod - Available from almost anyone as of 2/1/2010. In quantities of 8 to 10.
  • File:Mint cake.PNG Mint cake - Available from almost anyone as of 2/1/2010. In quantities of 8 to 10.
  • File:Gnomeball.PNG Gnomeball - From anyone


Uncut Gems


Untipped crossbow bolts

Other tips


  • Before a significant update to this minigame on 7 August 2006, players could potentially ruin a dish by adding the wrong ingredients in the wrong order. Doing so would result in an:
    • Odd Cocktails Odd cocktails
    • File:Odd batta.png Odd batta
    • File:Odd gnomebowl.png Odd gnomebowl
    • File:Odd crunchies.png Odd crunchies

The Odd cuisine would heal a small amount of health, but would lower combat stats.

  • Until the aforementioned update in 2006, players could be assigned multiple drinks or dishes and were always required to give them to Blurberry or Aluft Gianne Sr, depending on if it was a dish or a cocktail. Players were then compensated with coins, rarely more than a few hundred.
  • Players were able to skip a delivery and get another one immediately. To do that they must have a gnome token (in bank or inventory) and drop the delivery box. This can be repeated many times until they get someone they want. This bug was fixed in November - December, 2008.
  • After completion of While Guthix Sleeps, the player may be assigned to send food to Hazelmere, but the player will inform Gianne Jr. of his death then be reassigned to another order.
  • If players get Hazelmere before While Guthix Sleeps, he will actually talk right after he receives his order, which is odd, because it is a major part of some quests to figure out the ancient gnome dialect that Hazelmere uses.
  • This minigame was actually the first to be released. It was launched on 12 December 2002 with the agility skill and the Gnome Stronghold area. However, it was not officially designated as a minigame until its major expansion in August 2006.
  • All easy orders are in the Tree Gnome Stronghold/The Grand Tree, except for Femi, who is just outside the Tree Gnome Stronghold.
  • Despite disbelief of some, King Narnode IS in fact, a possible Hard order, as seen to the right.
  • "Odd" cuisine foods are very unusual for players to have now because of its effect of lowering combat stats.

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