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Gnomes, also known as the Kuwalden in their own language, are creatures from European folklore on Earth. They are basically human-like, although they're much smaller. They almost always wear reddish, pointed hats.

The USS Enterprise encountered what appeared to be the last colony of gnomes in the 23rd century. Despite initial illusions, it seemed that the last four gnomes were using their hats (actually advanced matter-rearranging devices) to create illusions and convert Federation colonists into Trolls, the traditional enemies of the Gnomes.

Their aim was to drive outsiders off the planet. (TOS comic: "There's No Space Like Gnomes'")

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Race: Gnome
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Gnomes are smallest of the great races. A typical gnome is approximately 3.5 feet tall and is very light of weight. They are thin and have slight muscularity. They have very pronounced facial features, almost caricatured. Their hair styles are often flamboyant and pointy. Gnomes are a very social race that adapt well to just about any situation.

Gnomes are a tiny, slightly built race created by Brell. What they lack in size they make up for in tenacity and ingenuity. Gnomes are known for their inquisitive nature, constantly tinkering with things both mystical and technological. This poking around has gotten them into trouble in the past, but their craftiness and intellect has allowed them to survive and prosper despite whatever mischief they might unleash. Gnomish architecture is mechanistic in nature, with lots of gears and motors turning all manner of odd creations. Gnomes are known for constructing "clockwork" devices, essentially mechanical versions of all manner of creatures, from rats to dragons. They even make clockwork gnomes to aid them in the completion of manual labor.

Like their cousins the dwarves, gnomes are adept miners with a love for precious gems and the metals of the earth. As they are lacking in physical strength, many gnomes concentrate on intellectual pursuits through the study of magic. Gnomes believe every question can be answered through their system of Mechanimagica, a belief that combines science and magic. The gnomes' analytical minds are always working, constantly devising new formulas, strategies, and sometimes mischief. +

The racial homeland of the gnomes, Ak'Anon, was taken over by the clockworks that once served them. The clockworks unimaginatively renamed the city Klak'Anon

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From The Vault

Garden Gnome
uses: Rock-It Launcher ammo
weight: 5
value: 1
base id: 0003407A

There are two types of garden gnomes in Fallout 3:

  • "Damaged" ones, which are fairly common and
  • "Intact" ones, which are somewhat rare.

They are useful only as Rock-It Launcher ammunition or as a decoration.



Damaged Garden Gnome

Damaged Garden Gnome
effects: Rock-It Launcher ammo
weight: 4
value: 1
base id: 0005B635

Because of its weight of 4 and low value of one, a Damaged Garden Gnome is barely worth picking up to trade for, unless you're extremely low on caps or can carry a lot of weight. They are most often found outside houses or what remains of houses.

Intact Garden Gnome

Intact Garden Gnome
effects: Rock-It Launcher ammo
weight: 5
value: 1
base id: 0005B634


  • Garden Gnomes come in three sizes: normal, medium and tiny. Normal-sized gnomes are by far the most common and stand about 1.75 feet tall. Medium versions of both intact and damaged gnomes exist, and only stand about 6 inches high. Tiny Intact Garden Gnomes can sometimes be found in use as chess pieces(as pawns, specifically), and are 3 inches tall at most.
    • The game makes no statistical differences between the sizes aside from their in-game model. An intact garden gnome is called an intact garden gnome no matter the size, as is the case with damaged gnomes.
    • Dropping them after putting them into your inventory returns them to their default size.
  • If placed upside-down on their heads, Garden Gnomes will stay perfectly balanced on their own and remain upside down while hovering a short distance above the surface they are placed on. (Verified Xbox with Intact Gnomes)

Intact Garden Gnome Locations

  • Broken Steel (add-on) - Several can be found when playing through the main quest in Broken Steel.
  • Jury Street Metro Station - In front of a house near the Jury Street Metro Station. While standing at the gate of the fence around the radio tower nearby, it's the house to the East-Northeast, a stone's throw away.
  • Lincoln Memorial - On a shelf in the Lincoln Memorial. It is owned by the slavers, and stealing it will take away karma.
  • Megaton - One comes with the Pre-War Theme for your house in Megaton.
  • Olney Powerworks (Broken Steel add-on) - In the bottom center of the map, through a corridor with 2 barrels inside that appears at first glance to be a dead end blocked by debris, in a small bathroom.
  • Robot Assembly ( Mothership Zeta Add on)- At the very end of the assembly line, at the top right corner of the map, on the other side of the Electronics Access Panel near a mini television.
  • SatCom Array NN-03d - Sixteen (16) tiny intact garden gnomes can be found (being used as chess pieces) inside of one of the SatCom Array NN-03d towers.
  • Tenpenny Tower - At least two can be found in Tenpenny Tower.
  • Tranquility Lane - You can find a several in tranquility lane, but they are impossible to take out without console commands. A garden gnome is one of the items you have to activate to access the Failsafe.
  • Citadel - North of the Citadel is a collapsed bridge. On the western edge under the bridge is a Raider camp. The gnome is under the bridge.
  • Mothership Zeta - One can be found among two damaged garden gnomes in the engineering core in the room with the bed and where Toshiro Kago can be found meditating.

Garden Gnome "Easter Egg" Locations

  • Broken Steel - Multiple Easter Eggs can be found involving Intact Garden Gnomes, some of which are humorously interacting with a stuffed Teddy Bear.
    • In one they appear to be playing Strip Poker using metro tickets as cards with the Teddy Bear apparently being the girl.
    • There is a gnome with a camera in front of it which appears to be taking a picture of two teddy bears which are tied to the train line in the presidential metro with a sign between them reading "help us!".
  • Mobile Base Crawler Broken Steel
    • In a stall in the lower Launch Platform Base, a bloody Garden Gnome with glowing eyes was apparently cutting up meat with a Deathclaw Hand.
    • There is a small gap between two desks where a Garden Gnome is bowling using a pool ball and 10 miniature milk bottles.
  • Olney Powerworks Broken Steel
    • in Old Olney Underground, after emerging from the sewer, there is a gnome drinking, smoking, and watching TV in a bathtub while a bear waits for him with a briefcase across the room by the door.
    • In the bottom center of the map, through a corridor with 2 barrels inside that appears at first glance to be a dead end blocked by debris, there is a small bathroom in which a Teddy Bear and an Intact Garden Gnome are apparently playing a game of checkers using milk and beer bottles as checker pieces. The Gnome is smoking a cigarette.
    • in the room after you retrieve the tesla coil, there is a gnome nestled in a corner behind a stack of books and clipboards with a cigarette and sunglasses holding a toy car.
  • Point Lookout
    • In the People's Bank of Point Lookout, there is a gnome located in the bottom left deposit box. It is a miniature Damaged Garden Gnome holding a mini Plunger in its left hand and standing next to a mini Toilet.
    • There are several found outside of Haley's Hardware (all damaged). There is one exceptionally large Garden Gnome to the right of the entrance to his store.
  • Robot Assembly Mothership Zeta - At the very end of the assembly line, at the top right corner of the map, on the other side of the Electronics Access Panel, is a teddy bear and miniature intact garden gnome sitting in front of a mini TV surrounded by a pack of cigarettes, a shotglass, and a bottle of vodka.
  • Seward Square - A giant damaged garden gnome standing roughly two times the size of an average garden gnome is standing in front of a house. It still has the usual weight of four pounds.


Garden Gnomes only appear in Fallout 3.

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Final Fantasy

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Gnomes live in the tiny village of Tozus in Final Fantasy III. They cannot be seen with the naked eye, and require the player to use the Mini spell to see them.

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This is the Gnome disambiguation page.

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This article is about the gnomish race as a whole. For the attackable monster, see gnome (monster).

Gnomes are one of the most concentrated on races, other than humans. Not only do the gnomes have their own empire, but they also have their own foods, clothes, transportation, quests, and even a semi-popular minigame called Gnome Ball and Gnome Restaurant. The Gnome race is primarily located in Kandarin. There are also gnome children NPCs.


Gnomes: The People

Gnomes are much like in real-world folklore. They appear as short men, and women, about two to three feet tall (about .6 to 1 meters). The gnomes are very human-like, and they often dress in green tunics and trousers, with red pointed hats. In many ways, they appear similar to dwarves, although unlike dwarves they rarely have facial hair and have pointed ears similar to the elves.

Gnomes are often regarded as more intelligent than most other races, and have higher standards of living. Gnomes generally love nature, making their homes in treetops and living in heavily wooded forests. Despite their usually peaceful nature, gnomes are well-trained militarily, capable of overwhelming most armies through sheer numbers. They mount prehistoric terrorbirds and battle tortoises in battle to make up for their small size, as well as use magic, bows, and metal weaponry in combat.

Gnomes are a highly diplomatic race, holding alliances with many other mortal races, both in and outside Kandarin. In many large cities and unexplored areas, gnome ambassadors, researchers, or explorers can often be seen, attempting to increase their knowledge of the world. Gnomes are unique in terms of culture. They love cooking, music, animals and inventing new things. The gnomes are very gastronomical. They are also infamous pranksters and are well known for their own sport, Gnomeball.

Gnomes are perhaps the most technologically advanced race, rivalled only by the dwarves. Perhaps their most notable invention is the gnome glider, an aerial transport system used both in combat and peace. Also of note is the gnomecopter (which were removed as of 25 March, 2009), a small one-man flying machine used to give tours to free-to-play players. Also of note are their ballistic military devices, their invention of the parachute, and their knowledge of elven crystal equipment.

Gnomish religion is something of a mystery. Many believe the gnomes follow the god of balance, Guthix. There is some evidence to support this; gnomish mages generally use Claws of Guthix in combat, Hazelmere mentions his loyalty to Guthix, Hudo shouting "Great Guthix!" when showing him giant frog legs, Professor Arblenap commenting that the Dwarven Power Station is "not Guthix", Gnome Children may recite a prayer to Guthix when spoken to, and the player mentions at one point that he thought Guthix created the gnomes and dwarves as the first races. Not to mention, the Battle mages for Guthix are gnomes. Guthix himself, in the God Letters, has expressed deep fondness for the Gnomes.

According to Saradomin, "As I understand it, the gnomes speak their own tongue, yet are also fluent in the common language used by humans within the world, allowing communication to be made between the races."

Before the God Wars, gnomes dwelled on Gielinor with dwarves, elves and humans. They built great and powerful cities, and many technologies they cannot trace even today, with all their wisdom and intelligence. However, gnomes did not fight in the wars. They instead fled below the surface like the dwarves. Unlike the dwarves however, the gnomes came back to the surface during the Great Migration, to find their city, the Tree Gnome Stronghold in ruins. They decided to start again, and have been very successful at it, beginning with the planting of the Grand Tree. During the Fourth age, however, gnomes were hunted by humans, and retreated to smaller settlements. They still thrive today, as the humans are generally more civilised towards them now, with the exception of those under the command of General Khazard.

Gnome Monsters

Gnome on Terrorbird mount
There are 2 non-humanoid domesticated creatures who fight along side the Gnome, those are the Tortoise and the Terrorbird (and the younger version, the Terrorchick gnome). it is common to see gnomes mounted upon these creatures.

Gnomes themselves are quite a low level, and its common to see them below level 5. These low level gnomes can be stolen from at level 75 Thieving, giving 198.5 experience and one of several items.

Gnome Cities

The Gnomes only have 2 cities in total. Those being the Tree Gnome Stronghold and Tree Gnome Village.

Additionally, the gnomish city of Arposandra is believed to be hidden beneath the Poison Wastes of Tirannwn. However, the gnomes of Arposandra are much different then most, and are believed to follow the chaos god Zamorak.

Gnome Cooking

Main article: Gnome cooking

The Gnomes also have a very sophisticated sense of taste. They make and eat gourmet foods and cocktails. With a bit of training, you can also make the Gnomish Foods. The ingredients to these foods can be purchased from a gnome in the Great Tree or looted from the gnomes themselves, mostly in Tree Gnome Stronghold. These include: Gianne dough, used to make crunchies and Gnomebowls, used with a Crunchy tray or Gnomebowl mould which also drops from them; lemons, limes, and Equa leaves, used to make cocktails (the cocktail guide also drops from them), Gnome spice, and Batta tins.


The Gnomes have 2 different types of transportation available to humans. One being the Spirit Tree (Requirement: Tree gnome Village quest) and the other being the Gnome Glider (Requirement: The Grand Tree quest). Both are for members only, but some can be found in non-member areas. For both methods of transportation the player must have completed a number of quests to fully take use of them. Gnomecopters were available to free players but were used more for observation and tours rather than Transportation before their removal. There is a 3rd, yet much less used method. That would be the Grand Seed Pod.

Notable Gnomes

Champions' Challenge

Gnomes are one of the 'races' who have champions of champions in the Champions' Challenge minigame. To fight Glophren, the gnome champion, the player must defeat 13 lesser champions and the human champion of champions in the minigame.


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