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Artwork by Toshiyuki Itahana.
Sprite(s) Image:Gnash icon.gif
Kana ナッシュ
Romaji Nasshu
Age 15
Voice Actor(s) (Japanese) Miho Hino
Voice Actor(s) (English) [[Wikipedia:|]]
Tribe Selkie
Home Abyssus Forest
Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates character

Gnash is a Selkie boy from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, who often speaks with broken English. Like other Selkies, Gnash is quick, agile, and usually dressed in animal hide. His keen senses are extremely beneficial to his companions, as are his skills with a bow. Gnash has the ability to double-jump, letting him reach places his allies cannot.


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Gnash grew up in a Selkie village that was once in the Abyssus Forest. At some point in time everyone in the village dies after getting sick. Gnash is the only one who survives and lives alone in the Abyssus Forest. Due to this, he becomes orally primitive, speaking only basic words. He learns to speak with the animals in the forest, making him the only party member who can speak to the dogs and cats in the town of Rebena Te Ra.

When Yuri, Chelinka, and Alhanalem venture into the Abyssus Forest, they find Gnash fighting with a Mandrake. The Mandrake poisons Gnash, so Yuri and Al come to his aid and defeat the Mandrake. Al heals Gnash and Gnash thanks the group for helping him out by joining the party and helping in return.

When Gnash meets Meeth in Rela Cyel, the two of them appear to understand each other on a deep level by looking at each others facial expression.


Gnash's CG render.

When the party first meets Gnash, the song "The Forest Dweller" plays.

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