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Final Fantasy VI Advance Enemy
Not listed
Level HP MP
91 50,000 60,000
Battle Power Magic Power
120 100
Defense M. Defense MBlock
150 255 255
Speed Hit Rate Evade
95 255
50,000 50,000
Japanese アンラックス
Romaji Anrakkusu
Location Soul Shrine
Common Steal None
Rare Steal Master's Scroll
Item Dropped
Morph Miss Rate
Weak Against None
Resistant to None
Immune to None
Absorbs Fire, Ice, Lightning, Earth, Water, Poison, Holy
Status Immunity Darkness, Zombie, Poison, MagiTek, Invisible, Imp, Petrify, Death, Doom, Critical, Image, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sap, Sleep, Slow, Stop
Other Information Can't Scan; Can't Suplex; Can't Control; The party cannot escape; Give an X-Ether to make it flee.

The X-Ether Glutturn is one of four variations of one enemy in the Advance version of Final Fantasy VI. It is encountered in the Soul Shrine randomly. It asks for X-Ethers and if it is not given one after a turn, it will begin using a pattern of status-inducing spells, in the order of: Megazerk, Love Token in a Dualcast-like combination the first turn, then it uses Charm and Overcast during its second turn. This combination of statuses ensures that if the party has no Ribbons, that there will be little to no chance of winning. Equipping Ribbons and killing it quickly are the key. After it is killed, this Glutturn will use Disaster and Diabolic Whistle. It also has a valuable Master's Scroll to be stolen.

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