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Global Wrestling Coalition
Federation Name Global Wrestling Coalition
Abbreviation GWC
Weekly shows Tuesday Night Aftershock
Wednesday Night Assault
Major PPV Kingdom Come (May)
Time open January 2007 - January 2009
Owner Danny Vice
Commentators Phil Brooks, Josh Harter
Federation type Roleplay based
Pay-per-views Monthly

Global Wrestling Coalition is a wrestling federation which opened in January 2007, created and run by Danny Vice. The goal is for a competitive, active, and exciting federation, with a balanced mixture of upcoming wrestlers with more experienced stars. There is one weekly show, Wednesday Night Assault. Formerly there was another one called Monday Night Mayhem, later changed to Massacre. Massacre ended it's run in April 2008 and was replaced by Tuesday Night Aftershock.

The GWC closed in early January of 2009 due to fundings and behind the scene politics going on.




The Global Wrestling Coalition began recruiting members in December of 2006. It's first show was January 10, 2007, which featured the opening round of an 8-man World Title tournament. The eventual winner was Miguel Sanchez, who won the title in the main event of GWC Alpha in February of 2007. In March of 2007, due to the enlarged roster, the GWC opened a second brand headed by Drake Kencedro. However, scheduling became difficult and the roster was taken back to one brand and two shows. At the May Pay-Per-View, the GWC created the advent of the Dark Crusade Match.

The Nikki Venus Era

With Vice being injured at Kingdom Come, Nikki Venus took control of the federation. Her first order of business was a special show titled Welcome To Venus. She then headed up a new stable known as EPW, claiming they would be the new breed of the GWC. After various battles over EPW vs. GWC, T-Money defeated four other men in an Ultimate X match at GWC Viva La GWC to return full control of the GWC to the returned Vice. Nevertheless, GWC Tribulation proceeded to end the war with Skyler Striker and Xavier Cross surviving against the EPW team.

The Kevin Hardaway Era (The Golden Era)

At GWC Day of Reckoning, Kevin Hardaway won the Conquest match. Not many at the time expected what would become a dynasty. Hardaway quickly rose to the top, defeating Zak Warner at GWC Dire Straits to win the World Championship. From there, Hardaway's reign with the title encompassed what the GWC strived to be: unrelenting, dominant, and filled with passion. Fending off such challengers as Joe Ragnal and Reckless Jack, Hardaway defeated all in his path from late 2007 until early 2008. It would not be until the March 2008 PPV GWC Unholy Coronation that Hardaway's reign would end at the hands of David Alastair. This time in the GWC represented the company's pinnacle so far. The Hardaway Era would however continue when Hardaway regained the championship at GWC Vindication and ended shortly after. With his retirement and a bunch of changes looming, many are calling this the "golden era" of the company due to the high point it shared.

The Machine Era

On July 16, 2008, Danny Vice convinced Spike Kane to betray his brother "Reckless Jack" Brad Kane and join him and Johnny Reb in a new stable. Immediately after, Vice dubbed this new regime to be "The Machine". Later the group expanded to include Jamal Carter, Derek Sitar, Sammie Rene, and Random McRally. However, Danny Vice went missing in action for some time. This was followed by the departures from the GWC of Jamal Carter, Derek Sitar, Sammie Rene, and Spike Kane. Johnny Reb and Random McRally remain loosely aligned.

The Christopher Scoville Era?

A new commish rolled into town on the November 12th, 2008 edition of Wednesday Night Assault and his name is Christopher Scoville. He stripped all of the champions of their titles, temporarily retired the Television and Tag Team Championships, and put the remaining belts up for grabs at GWC Omerta in a revamped Dark Crusade, now called the Midnight Crusade. This was all done in an attempt to revitalize the organization and to reinvigorate the wrestlers. Additionally, he claims to be in talks to buy the entire GWC itself. New things are afoot in your favorite wrestling company. Stay tuned.

Titles, Achievements, & PPVs

Title Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler
GWC World Championship "The Executioner" CSB 11/19/08 Christian Striker
GWC United States Championship Kurt Burton 11/19/08 Spike Kane
GWC Ultimate Championship The Virus 11/19/08 "The Executioner" CSB
GWC Underground Championship Ryan Daniels 11/19/08 The Virus
Achievement Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler
Mr. Money-In-The-Bank Christian Striker 02/20/08 J.W. McCammon
Conquest Reckless Jack 09/17/08 Kevin Hardaway
Global Wrestling Classic Joe Ragnal 12/19/07 Reckless Jack (runner-up)
World Championship Challenge Derek Sitar 07/23/08 Thunder (last opponent)
GWC Triple Crown Reckless Jack 05/21/08 David Alastair
GWC Grand Slam Zak Warner 02/20/08 N/A
Defunct Title Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler
GWC Tapout Championship Kevin Hardaway 09/05/07 Michael Knight
GWC Television Championship Random McRally 08/26/08 Mike Ragnal
GWC Tag Team Championship The Axis --/--/08 Murder Inc.
Pay Per Views
Year 2007 2008
January N/A Alpha
February Alpha Instant Classic
March Unholy Coronation Unholy Coronation
April Reign of Terror Reign of Terror
May Kingdom Come Kingdom Come II
June Vindication Vindication
July Viva La GWC Viva La GWC
August Tribulation Tribulation
September Day of Reckoning Day of Reckoning
October Dire Straits Dire Straits
November Omerta Omerta
December Revelations Revelations

Gimmick Matches


(as of 11/27/08)

Tag Teams


  • Currently None

Notable Alumni

GWC Hall of Fame

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