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"Ruins situated atop a lone island off the southern coast of Bervenia in a region known as Glabados. Sky pirates assigned this name to the ruins as well, its true name lost to history."
—In-game description

The Glabados Ruins are a forgotten temple located on the Glabados area on mainland Ivalice in Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. It is here where the game begins, as well as where the tutorial appears.


The Cache of Glabados

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After the first two missions of the game, Vaan, Penelo, Balthier, and Fran approach a dais in the inner sanctum of the Ruins. Here, two small crystals, one green and one purple, are perched on a scale-like altar. After a mock battle for the crystals, Balthier throws the green stone to Vaan as a welcoming present to the career of sky pirating. Once Balthier takes the purple crystal, the temple begins to shake, and debris rains from the ceiling. The four barely manage to escape the Glabados Ruins for their two airships outside, but Vaan's machine falls into the abyss as the ground underneath it gives way. Vaan and Penelo make a lunge for the closing stairway of the Strahl, and are just able to grab hold of Balthier's airship as it takes off into the sky.

Main Missions


Mission 01: Vaan, the Sky Pirate

"While exploring the Glabados Ruins, Vaan is soon separated from the others. He must find his friends before they leave him behind!"
—In-game description

Vaan gets separated from his friends Penelo, Balthier, and Fran. While searching for them he gets attacked by a Red Flan, after getting rid of the beast, Penelo is found waiting for him. Both Vaan and Penelo search together for their friends, defeating 3 Red Flans along the way. Balthier and Fran are found waiting for the couple at the end of the hallway.


Mission 02: The Treasure Twain

"Joined by Balthier and Fran, Vaan and Penelo reach the heart of the Glabados Ruins. But something stands between them and the coveted treasure..."
—In-game description

Vaan and the group reach the center of the Glabados Ruins to be confronted by Ifrit and Djinni, after successfully winning the battle, the gang find two Auracite as their prize, but unfortunately the ruins collapses leaving Vaan and Penelo without their airship, luckily they are able to escape safely thanks to Balthier and Fran who still had their airship standing.


Side Missions

Monster Melee

"Open battle against the area's indigenous beasts."
—In-game description


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