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Give Thanks
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Requirements Thanksgiving event
A player doing the Give Thanks emote.
The tightrope glitch.

Give Thanks is an emote that was given out by finding all ten Hidden Turkeys during the 2008 Thanksgiving event, killing turkeys during the event, or completing the entire event. When used, players will start to flap their hands as if they had wings, turn into a turkey, dance around, and transform back.


The release of this emote produced numerous glitches:

  • When someone performed this emote while wielding a two-handed sword, he or she would find him or herself holding it in one hand when the emote was finished; however, if one tried to wield a shield, the sword would still unequip like normal. After a system update a few hours after release, this no longer happens.
A player holding a two-handed sword in one hand
  • When a player held an Easter Ring or Ring of Stone in his or her inventory, clicked it, and pressed the emote extremely fast, he or she would turn into a non-deformed turkey, rather than the deformed turkey that happens whilst using the tinderbox. (This is fixed).
  • If a player were to do the emote in combat, they would look very "glitchy" when hit and the turkey transformation would look bigger. (Due to a hidden update a few hours after the release, players now cannot do this emote if they are under attack. Later, players found out that they could still do this by activating the emote BEFORE the monster attacked them. This has also been fixed).
Getting attacked by an enemy while doing this emote.
  • On the day of the arrival of the emote, if the player lit a fire and rapidly clicked the emote, he or she would turn into a large turkey. For the duration of the fire-lighting animation, the player would be a deformed large turkey.
  • When the player performs the emote whilst doing the agility challenge in the Circus, their agility costume will disappear for the rest of the time he/she is on the tightrope.
Turkey stuck in bank.
  • Doing the Give Thanks emote in the Stealing Creation or Fist of Guthix lobby, or on a Pest Control lander just before the start of a game, causes the player to be left behind and forced to wait for the start of the next game.
  • Using the emote at the end of a clan war causes the player to be left behind until the end of the emote duration.
  • If a player does this emote, then does another emote that involves something other than the player (Idea, Safety First, Trick, or Freeze) while the character is still flapping its hands, the exterior part of the other emote (the light bulb, shield, bats, or glacier) will appear before the player is finished, stopping the player from performing the appropriate action (raising hands, crossing arms, etc.). For other emotes, they cannot be seen at all but the game will still think that the player is doing it.
  • If the player goes on the ice during the Christmas 2008 event, he/she can walk normally instead of doing the sliding action by standing still, clicking somewhere on the ice, and doing this emote. This glitch has now been fixed.
  • While in the Brimhaven Agility Arena, using this emote while halfway across the blade will cause the player to take several hitpoints damage. Note: This glitch is dangerous; if it is performed while under 7-8 hp, the player has a high chance of dying.
  • When performing the emote in the Penguin agility course the player will no longer be wearing their penguin suit after the emote. It will not reappear until the player completes the course.
  • While using the Home teleport spell, if the player uses the Explore emote and clicks somewhere on the minimap right after sitting down, he/she will start running. Right when the player starts to run, he/she can quickly click the Give Thanks emote and he/she will then turn into a giant deformed running turkey.
  • With the release of the lilies of the valley on 28 April, 2009, if the player clicked on the square he/she was standing on while in turkey form, their body would stretch. The same thing would happen if he/she did a skillcape emote while being a turkey and started chopping a tree. This has been fixed as of 30 April, 2009.
  • On 28 April, 2009, if the player performed the emote and turned on building mode, the player would turn into a giant turkey and stay that way until he/she moved or turned off house options. This has been fixed as of 30 April, 2009.
  • If the player comes under attack when he/she began the emote beforehand, only two attacks will take effect when it finishes, no matter how many were dealt. This "glitch" has not yet been fixed.
  • Using this emote before getting hit by a mine cart in the Haunted Mine will block the mine cart from moving until the emote finishes.
  • When in the Castle Wars lobby just before the start of the game, if the player does the emote, everyone will go into the game but the player will stay in the lobby until the end of the emote. After this the player will begin the game.


  • If a player performs this emote on top of the trap in the throne room of a Player-owned house, you will not fall into the Oubliette or get teleported when the lever is pulled. This occurs with other emotes as well.
  • If the player talks to someone in Zanaris near the fairy ring while doing this emote, he/she will lose connection for a couple seconds.

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