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Giott is a non-player character in Final Fantasy IV. He is the king of the Dwarves who live in the Underworld, and he reigns from the Dwarven Castle. He has a daughter named Luca.


Giott with Luca during the ending.
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Cecil, Kain, Rosa, Yang, and Cid first meet Giott after the Enterprise has been damaged. They announce that they have come to the Dwarves' Castle seeking help in defending the Crystal there, and the Dwarves are in a war with the Red Wings over the Crystal. Giott asks them if the Dwarves can use the Enterprise in battle, however, Cid announces that it has been damaged and cannot stand the intense heat of the Underworld. Cid leaves to repair the Enterprise and wrap its body in mystic silver. Giott announces that the Crystal is still safe, but Yang senses something strange in the Crystal room. Luca's dolls, the Calcabrina, have become possessed by Golbez. Giott lets the party into the back to defeat them. They succeed, but then Golbez appears, and after a long battle, he steals the Crystal. Giott then announces that the last Crystal is in the Sealed Cave which Golbez cannot open. He then says that it is a good time to reclaim the other Crystals in the Tower of Babil. He orders his tanks to create a diversion so that Cecil may enter the tower.

Cecil's party fails to acquire the other Crystals, and they return to the Dwarves' Castle. Giott decides that it is time to open the Sealed Cave. He orders Luca to give Cecil her necklace, which is the key to opening the Sealed Cave. However, Golbez steals that Crystal, too. Giott then tells Cecil about the Lunar Whale that was alluded to in the Mysidian Legend. The Dwarves do not know that Mysidia exists, but Cecil does.

Giott is next seen during the battle with the Giant of Babil, where he commands an army of tanks to defend the world against it. After the battle, he goes to the Tower of Wishes in Mysidia to pray for Cecil. In the ending, he orders his tanks scrapped because he believes that there will be no more wars, and later attends Cecil and Rosa's wedding along with Luca.


  • In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, Giott is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Warrior job.

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