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Gillionaire, also known as Millionaire, is a recurring ability in the series that doubles the amount of gil a player earns from battles.



Final Fantasy IV

Gil Farmer is an augment in the DS version that can only be gotten in Troia in the dressing room of the Members Only area.


Final Fantasy VI

Although it is never mentioned anywhere in-game, the Cat Ear Hood headgear provides the Gillionaire ability. It can be obtained by betting an Impartisan in the Dragon's Neck Coliseum and can only be equipped by Relm.

Final Fantasy VII

The ability can be found on the Gil Plus materia. Due to a bug in the game, Level 1 will never produce the 1.5x amount that it is supposed to, and will always double the amount of gil earned from battles as though it were Mastered. The ability is not stackable.

Final Fantasy IX

Millionaire is an ability that is exclusive to Quina and doubles the amount of gil earned after battle. It can be learned only from Yellow Scarf for 100 AP.

Final Fantasy X

Gillionaire is an ability that can be found or Customized onto a weapon. It requires using 30 Designer Wallets to customize. Rikku's Celestial Weapon, Godhand, has this ability.

Final Fantasy X-2

Gillionaire is an ability found on the Lady Luck Dressphere. It takes 100 AP to learn, and can only be learned after mastering Double EXP. It can also be accessed via the Horn of Plenty Garment Grid by passing through the red gate on the grid. The ability is stackable in this game.

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