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Final Fantasy VI Advance Enemy
Level HP MP
97 38,000 3,200
Battle Power Magic Power
51 8
Defense M. Defense MBlock
173 212 30
Speed Hit Rate Evade
88 100 45
0 0
Japanese ギルガメッシュ
Romaji Girugamesshu
Location Dragon's Neck Colosseum
Common Steal Genji Glove
Rare Steal Genji Shield
Item Dropped Genji Helm, Genji Armor
Morph Antidote, Green Cherry, Eyedrop, Gold Needle
Morph Miss Rate 100%
Abilities Blade Dance (1.5x damage)
Rage None
Sketch Attack, Haste
Control Attack
Weak Against None
Resistant to None
Immune to None
Absorbs None
Status Immunity Blind, Zombie, Poison, Imp, Petrify, Instant Death, Doom, Critical, Blink, Silence, Berserk, Confusion, Sap, Sleep, Slow (Status), Stop
Other Information Human opponent; Can't Meteor Strike; Can't Control; The party cannot escape.
"Hey, that's quite a rare sword you've got there... I think... ...I'll take that sword for my own!"

Gilgamesh is an optional boss in Final Fantasy VI Advance. He is fought after the party bets the Excalipoor in the Dragon's Neck Colosseum. He uses his sprite from Final Fantasy V.


The battle, unlike every other fight in the Colosseum, is fully controlled by the player and all four party members are used.

Gilgamesh can be difficult to overcome, as his physical strikes can inflict good damage while his other techniques can be downright fatal. He will begin every battle with either his physical strike, Aero, or Dischord. Players will especially have to watch for Dischord, as it can heavily impede on the victim's ability to stay alive.

His second turn will either be 1000 Needles or a physical attack. Gilgamesh will use his third turn for either a physical attack or a casting of Stone or Aqua Breath. Upon the fourth round of combat, Gilgamesh will either attack, or cast Revenge Blast or Quasar. Revenge Blast should be watched for, as it can mean Instant Death if Gilgamesh has taken enough damage. This cycle will repeat until his HP drops to 25,600.

When Gilgamesh's HP drops to 25,600, things become harder; he immediately casts Protect, Shell, and Haste upon himself and begins to use new battle tactics. Gilgamesh now begins to use the Jump command, rendering himself invulnerable until he drops down from above and strikes a character, usually killing them. Upon striking with Jump he next uses his special, Blade Dance, which is actually three physical strikes in a row with 150% more power than normal. This can be dangerous, especially if he targets the same person each time.

After using his special, Gilgamesh will use Shadow's Throw command to toss either the Lightbringer or Ragnarok swords at a character, resulting in an Instant Death. The next turn he will throw either the Zantetsuken or Mutsunokami, after which he will restart this cycle with Jump.

A particularly cheap way to beat him on lower levels is to give your party the Vanish status (easily through the Phantom summon), as most of his attacks are physical.

After the fight, Gilgamesh acknowledges the party's strength and gives himself up as Magicite, becoming available to summon as an Esper.


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