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Gil Toss as seen in Final Fantasy V.

Gil Toss, also known as Zeninage, $Toss, GP Rain, Coin, Spare Change, or GilToss, is an ability that appears in many games in the Final Fantasy series. It is usually associated with the Samurai or Gambler class. It involves dealing damage at the expense of gil. It usually targets all opponents.




Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Harley has Gil Toss as one of her commands.

Final Fantasy V

Zeninage is the Level 2 ability of the Samurai class, and it is the Samurai's default ability. It deals massive damage, at the cost of a lot of gil.

Final Fantasy VI

Setzer Gabbiani and Gogo can use Gil Toss (GP Rain in the original) by equipping the Heiji's Jitte Relic (called Coin Toss in the original). The amount of GP used for Gil Toss is equal to the user's Level x30. Damage for Gil Toss is as follows.


When the ability is used by enemies, the enemies will use the amount of GP they would drop instead of the party's GP.

Final Fantasy VII

Coin is the Level 2 ability on the Throw Materia. This marks the first time when the player can decide how much money he or she wants to throw.

Final Fantasy IX

Amarant Coral can use the ability Spare Change to throw money at a single enemy. The ability is learned from the Poison Knuckles and Rune Claws for 40 AP. The formula used to determine how much Gil is thrown is as follows.


The amount of damage Gil Toss can deal is as follows.


Final Fantasy X

Spare Change lies in Rikku's section of the Sphere Grid. Every 10 gil that you throw inflicts 1 point of damage.

Final Fantasy X-2

Spare Change is an ability learned by the Samurai Dressphere.

Final Fantasy XII

Gil Toss is available as a Technick. It can be bought for 35 License points. While it normally does as much damage as gil tossed (9,999 gil = 9,999 damage), damage will be divided mostly evenly by however many enemies are in the radius.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Moogle Jugglers are able to use Gil Toss. It does 30 damage every time and costs 30 gil to use each time.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Moogle Jugglers are able to use Gil Toss. It does varying damage based on the amount of gil thrown which is selected by the player from the amounts either 10, 100, 1,000, or 10,000 gil. The move has been made much weaker since the prequel, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.


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