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Gigas are a type of beastmen in Final Fantasy XI which inhabit the northern regions of Vana'diel. Specifically, they can be found in Delkfutt's Tower, Korroloka Tunnel, Lufaise Meadows, Qufim Island, Xarcabard, and Beaucedine Glacier.


A Gigas in war paint from Final Fantasy XI.
  • Level: 28-72
  • Jobs: Beastmaster, Monk, Ranger, Warrior
  • Aggros: Yes
  • Linking: Yes
  • Detects: By sight
  • Based on: Ice
  • Strength: None
  • Weakness: Light

Special Attacks

  • Power Attack: Single target damage.
  • Grand Slam: Area of effect damage.
  • Lightning Roar: Cone Attack lightning damage.
  • Ice Roar: Cone Attack ice damage
  • Impact Roar: Cone attack damage
  • Catapult: Ranged attack. (Used only by Ranger Gigas)

Monsters in Family

Name Level Job Zone
Giant Ascetic 28-31 Monk Qufim Island
Giant Hunter 28-31 Ranger Qufim Island
Giant Ranger 28-31 Ranger Qufim Island
Giant Trapper 28-31 Beastmaster Qufim Island
Giant Gatekeeper 28-30 Warrior Lower Delkfutt's Tower
30-32 Warrior Middle Delkfutt's Tower
Giant Guard 28-30 Monk Lower Delkfutt's Tower
30-32 Monk Middle Delkfutt's Tower
Giant Lobber 28-30 Ranger Lower Delkfutt's Tower
30-32 Ranger Middle Delkfutt's Tower
Giant Sentry 28-30 Warrior Lower Delkfutt's Tower
30-32 Warrior Middle Delkfutt's Tower

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