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The Gigas-class fighter-bomber[1] is an older Covenant Sangheili-manned starfighter. Later it was replaced by the Seraph fighter. It has so far only been mentioned in the description of the Sangheili Flight Harness armor permutation. Despite the age of this craft, Sangheili flight harnesses are still equipped to interface with them.

It was speculated at one time that this may have been the so-called Vampire seen in Halo Wars. However, it has been confirmed that the Vampire is a newer and different unit.[verification needed]


  1. Halo 3 Flight Harness description
Covenant Starship Classifications
Ground Support Aircraft Banshee - Vampire
Starfighters Seraph-class - Tarasque-class heavy fighter - Gigas-class fighter-bomber
Dropships Spirit - Phantom - Boarding Craft
Support Starships Stealth Corvette - Agricultural Support Ship
Light Capital Warships Frigate - Destroyer - CAR-class Frigate - CPV-class Destroyer
Cruisers Light Cruiser - Cruiser - CCS-class - Reverence-class - Battleship - Supercruiser
Carriers Carrier - Assault Carrier - Supercarrier
Space Stations High Charity - Unyielding Hierophant

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