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Artwork of the Final Fantasy Gigas by Yoshitaka Amano

Gigas (ギガース, Gigāsu), also known as Giant, are a recurring type of enemy in the Final Fantasy series. Contrary to the mechanical Iron Giant and mineral-created Golems, Gigas are biological humanoids, but are still impressively strong. Common variants are the Hill Gigas and the Glasya Labolas. Gigases have a combination of powerful physical attacks and strong magic, making them very dangerous enemies.

Another common enemy is the Gigas Worm, but it is not a gigas-type enemy and is a Worm instead. Some other enemies are given the "gigas" moniker as well without actually being gigas-types.



Final Fantasy

Hill Gigas

Many gigas-type enemies in the game have elemental affinities. Their ranks include the Hill Gigas, Ice Gigas, Fire Gigas, Flare Gigas and Elm Gigas. There is also the Flood Gigas, but it is a Worm-type enemy.

Final Fantasy II

Glasya Labolas

The Hill Gigas is the base type of gigas. In the Mysidian Tower, the Fire Gigas, Ice Gigas and Thunder Gigas are bosses that bar the path further up the tower. The Glasya Labolas appears in the Unknown Palace.

Final Fantasy V

Ziggurat Gigas

Gigas, Elm Gigas and Ziggurat Gigas use a combination of wind magic like Aero and physical attacks.

Final Fantasy VI

Hill Gigas

The Hill Gigas is accompanied by the Gigantos and the Glasya Labolas. The Gargantua is a boss in the Advance release. A fourth variation was coded in to the game but excluded, the Colossus. Gigas in this game use powerful physical attacks, and earth-elemental magic.

It is also interesting to note that Maduin's sprite is very similar to the sprite of the Gigas in Final Fantasy V. However, Maduin is never directly stated to be a gigas.

Final Fantasy VII


The Gigas is a rare and powerful enemy in the Whirlwind Maze. It uses physical attacks and can cast Quake 3.

Final Fantasy IX


The Hilgigars is a boss who attacks the party on the Conde Petie Mountain Path. Its name is a mistranslation of Hill Gigas.

Final Fantasy X-2


The normal Gigas is accompanied by the Hrimthurs and Gug. They use powerful physical attacks normally and can cast strong magic when in Oversoul.

Final Fantasy XI


Gigas are a type of beastmen which inhabit the northern regions of Vana'diel.

Final Fantasy XII

Blood Gigas

The Blood Gigas is an enemy in the giant genus. Other giant-type enemies are the Headless, Dullahan, Wendigo and Bune. The Daedalus is a boss, and Overlord is a mark. Ancbolder, Wendice, Anchag, Bluesang and Avenger are rare enemies.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Not only do Gigas appear as enemies in dungeons, but a gigantic Gigas by the name of Jack Moschet owns the Moschet Manor where the he is fought as the boss.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Main article: Gigas (My Life as a King)

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