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"Giant spiders are awesome" is the second in a series of comics on the LEGO Star Wars website. It was first placed on the LEGO site in the autumn of 2008. added it on October 19, 2009.


Official description

"Some valiant clone troopers must defend themselves against terrible Separatist spider droids in this animated webcomic from LEGO."[1]

Plot summary

"Giant spiders are awesome…"

The comic begins with a Republic gunship getting shot down and crash landing on a desert planet. A group of battle droids spots the clones and prepares to attack. At the crash site, Captain Rex reports that the mission is going as planned. He is then interrupted at that moment by the arrival of a homing spider droid and B1 battle droids. Rex orders the clone troopers to move out, and all comply, except one commander. Rex confronts the commander, who explains that he is afraid of the spider droid because all of the clones from Batch 82-4 are afraid of arthropods. After taking shelter in the remains of the gunship, Rex tries talking the commander out of his fear. He succeeds, and the commander promptly charges the spider droid and takes it down single-handed. Congratulations are passed among the clones, but the celebration is soon broken up by the arrival of three more homing spider droids.

Behind the scenes

This comic was placed on as "LEGO Webcomic #1" despite actually being the second comic in the series.

Though the spider-fearing Clone trooper commander was unnamed in the comic, according to the comic writers, the character is intended to represent Commander Fox).



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