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Art by Yoshitaka Amano of the Giant of Babil

The Giant of Babil, also known as the Giant of Bab-Il or Babel, is a huge machine (it's so large it serves as a dungeon in the game) of tremendous power from Final Fantasy IV. Presumably created by Zemus, its purpose is to destroy the human race on Earth so the Lunarians can colonize the planet. However, it could not be transported to Earth.

Through Golbez, Zemus gathered the eight Crystals at the Tower of Babil which could transport the Giant to Earth. It was brought to the planet and unleashed an attack, but a pincer attack from the forces of the overworld and underworld stalled it. Cecil Harvey, Fusoya and their allies were able to penetrate into the Giant and destroy its CPU. Afterwards, the Giant is immobilized and then self-destructs.

In the DS remake, after beating the game once, returning to the area where Cecil fought the four Elemental Archfiends allows for a new boss battle with one of the game's superbosses, Geryon. A prototype of the giant, Proto-Babil, appears as a superboss in the game as well. He is only fought on a second or third play through with the player carrying Dark Matter, stolen from Zeromus, and using it on the stone face on the Red Moon. Proto-Babil is considered the most powerful boss in the game.

Notably, Yoshitaka Amano's art of the Giant looks very similar to the recurring summon Alexander, particularly the incarnation seen in Final Fantasy VI. The connection is cemented by the battle with Proto-Babil, which uses attacks such as Divine Judgment, the signature attack of Alexander.



The Giant of Babil in the opening FMV


This shop only appears in the DS version, right at the save point inside the Giant of Babil.

Armor DS Price
Potion 30 gil
Hi-Potion 150 gil
Phoenix Down 100 gil
Cottage 500 gil
Shuriken 650 gil
Bomb Crank 1200 gil
Heavenly Wrath 1200 gil
Antarctic Wind 1200 gil

Enemy formations

Inside the Giant of Babil in the DS remake.


"The Giant's Dungeon" from the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background theme that plays inside the Giant of Babil is "The Giant's Dungeon".



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