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A Giant crab is a pet a player may have at level 40 Summoning and have completed the Freeing Pirate Pete subquest of Recipe for Disaster. To receive a Baby Giant Crab players must kill Mogres, which require 32 Slayer, until they receive a Crunchy claw token, which is a rare drop. Then players wearing a diving apparatus and fishbowl helmet can go underwater at Port Khazard and talk to Nung. He will exchange a Baby Giant Crab for the Crunchy Claw Token.

The crab eats any type of raw fish. For every 15% hunger a Baby giant crab gains, it grows by 1%.



The giant crabs have five known colors so far:

Colour Baby Adult
Chathead NPC Chathead NPC
Beige File:Beige-baby-giant-crab-ch.png File:Beige-baby-giant-crab.png File:Beige-giant-crab-ch.png File:Beige giant crab.png
Grey File:Grey-baby-giant-crab-ch.png File:Grey-baby-giant-crab.png File:Grey-giant-crab-ch.png File:Grey Giant Crab.png
Red File:Red-baby-giant-crab-ch.png File:Red-baby-giant-crab.png File:Red-giant-crab-ch.png
Red with
green spots
File:Red-green-baby-giant-crab-ch.png File:Red-green-baby-giant-crab.png File:Red-green-giant-crab-ch.png File:Red green giant crab.png
Yellow File:Yellow-baby-giant-crab-ch.png File:Yellow-baby-giant-crab.png File:Yellow-giant-crab-ch.png File:Yellow-giant-crab.png


A baby giant-crab animation.
An adult giant-crab animation.


  • 'I is going to eat you, little fishies!' May be a reference from the hit British TV Series Red Dwarf, where The Cat frequently said 'I'm gonna eat you, little fishies.'
  • The crab occasionally floats in mid air when its owner leads it to a set of stairs.
  • One cannot have more than one baby crab, as attempting to cash in another crunchy claw token results in nung saying there are no more left.


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