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Giant wuffa


Planet of origin


The carnivorous giant wuffa were one of the native creatures of Dathomir and were very intelligent. They were also known as the Guardians of the Infinity Gate.

The giant wuffa were very long creatures with a thick sand-colored skin. They had a hydrostatic skeleton and although they had teeth, they didn't use them for biting, but for digging. Their digestive acids would liquefy their prey when swallowed. The ancient Kwa used the giant wuffas to protect Infinity Gate.

Around 31 BBY Quinlan Vos killed a giant wuffa, while he was a slave of the Dathomiri Witch Zalem, and was promoted to Lizard Keeper.

Behind the scenes

Giant Wuffa appear to be based on the Sandworms of Frank Herbert's Dune.


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