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Giant Radscorpion
variations: Albino Radscorpion
Giant Radscorpion
Glowing Radscorpion
Spitting Radscorpion
Unique Giant Radscorpion
location: Capital Wasteland
base id: 0001CF9E

Radscorpion concept art

Giant Radscorpions are much larger versions of the Radscorpion with an even more highly effective stinger.

Giant radscorpions often travel and fight in pairs. It's not uncommon to see one turn from the player and back off, only to be joined by another and charge in again. In fact, they seem to operate in pairs most often, only preferring to attack alone when their partner is dead.



SPECIAL Level Hit Points XP Combat skill Attack damage Special damage
ST, 6 PE, 5 EN, 5 CH, 5 IN, 5 AG, 7 LK 9 350 60 60 4 (5 seconds, poison)

Their health is on par with that of a Mr. Gutsy robot or Super Mutant Master. Additionally, giant radscorpions lack a "weak point" that can be targeted for extra damage (they have no "head" to headshot), which makes V.A.T.S. combat and firearms somewhat less effective against them. However some players shoot for the stinger to avoid being stung. Also, bullets have a greater effect than laser or plasma weapons.

It is wise to note that V.A.T.S shots on the stinger aim for the third section from the bottom. If this area isn't targettable, then VATS isn't advised.


Appearances in Fallout games



  • The Scoped Gauss Rifle is quite effective when fighting a duo of these creatures, thanks to it knockdown effect. While it does little damage when shot to the torso, it will flip them over and buy you time to get in more precise shots to their tail or claws.
  • The area around raven rock is full of Giant Radscorpions, if doing The Pitt and heading towards that area, be on your guard.
  • There may be a unique, friendly giant radscorpion that can randomly be found wandering the Wasteland. It will attack raiders, critters, and any other hostile characters it comes across. Companions, however, will attack it. It might, however, be a delayed reaction, as many players have reported a giant radscorpion following at a distance without becoming hostile, only to do so at a slightly later point, or after the player takes an action such as looting a corpse. I found this Giant Radscorpion when looking for Oasis, he was in a small rocky valley to the east, he appeared as green on the radar and I was able to walk up to him and he didnt turn red.
  • On the 360 and PS3, fast traveling occasionally triggers a random event that spawns a Giant Radscorpion fighting a wastelander, with the radscorpion appearing as a friendly on the compass and VATS. However, after killing the wastelander, the radscorpion does become hostile. If you attack it before it kills the wastelander (Be quick though) it will stop attacking them, and focus on you.
  • After exiting the West residence or fast traveling to Arefu, the Lone Wanderer can encounter a Giant Radscorpion directly outside the house, which Evan King will ignore. This however is quite rare. This radscorpion will often attack the inhabitants of Arefu, and this results in a glitch where the inhabitants of Arefu, the "vampires" of Meresti, and Lucy West in Megaton all act as if you had attacked Arefu's inhabitants.
  • A friendly radscorpion will be fighting giant ants as a random encounter. It will remain friendly as long as the player keeps their distance and will warn the player off if they get too close. Also, if the player remains still, it may approach the player without turning hostile.
  • Usually, two or more radscorpions will spawn just outside Regulator HQ and be attracted to the mooing of the Brahmin outside. They usually target the weakest Brahmin first, unless they spot you. This is quite common when fast travelling.
  • Depending on you follower at the Anchorage Memorial as a random event a Radscorpion will attack a Wastelander. The Radscorpion will be friendly though it will not be able to use dialogue. The Radscorpion will follow you around as if it was a companion. This works without animal friend, depending on companion you have they will either kill or ignore it.
  • If you shoot the claws of a Radscorpion off of the rag doll corpse with a Railway Rifle, the claws will glitch and fly off in a random direction, and if you shoot the other, it will fly off with it.
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