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Giant Ant Queen
variations: Giant Worker Ant
Giant Soldier Ant
location: Corvega Factory
Marigold Metro Station
base id: 34785

Giant Ant Queen are the queen of Giant ant. They are often deeply burrowed in underground caverns and rarely appears on the surface.

Giant Ant Queens appears only in Fallout 3 and Giant Albino Ant Queen, queen of Giant albino ant, were also going to feature in the cancelled Van Buren.


Fallout 3

There are only three Giant Ant Queens in Fallout 3. There is one in the Corvega Factory, one in Marigold Metro Station and one in Shalebridge.


  • The Marigold Ant Queen is a different, but close relative, being mutated by Doctor Lesko. She still spews green acid, has the health of a brick wall and is NOT to be messed with. The queens are generally considered one of the "boss" characters in Fallout 3. Low level characters will have great difficulty defeating any of the ant queens. Even though they have an obvious importance in the game, they do not seem to affect randomly spawned ants or any other sorts of ants.
  • Ant Queens are not very fast, though they do seem to notice you from a distance and shoot Ant Spit with surprising accuracy.
  • Ant Queens have extremely high health (about 1/2 that of a Super Mutant Behemoth) making them one of the few creatures in the capital wasteland that can survive a nuka grenade blast. Since both "normal" queens always appear with escorts, you can shoot them in the antennae and make them frenzy and let the escorts do the work, or you can kill the escorts and then circle around the queen at point blank range, since she turns slowly and cannot attack unless facing you.
  • For low level characters or if you're out of ammo, attacking an Ant Queen's body at the rear provides a slow, but safe way of dealing with it. Your enemy will be unable to attack you, so long as you strafe around with it. This method is more effective in smaller areas, as the Ant Queen's movements are restricted.
  • Killing an Ant Queen nets you 25 experience and Ant Queen Pheromones, which are an Aid item that provides PER -3, INT -3 and CHR +3.
  • Angela Staley in Rivet City wonders if Ant Queen Pheromones would help her seduce Diego, a priest. See: A Nice Day for a Right Wedding
  • Cindy Cantelli in Rivet City market sells Ant Queen Pheromones.
  • Ant Queens seem to not attack super mutants, as when you spawn both creatures next to each other they will simply stand there or attack you.



  • Can sometimes be found stuck in the walls near the ceiling
  • May go though walls when near nest

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Van Buren

Giant Albino Ant Queen
location: Midwest
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Giant Albino Ant Queen are found in the Hoover Dam Scum Pits. Unlike Giant albino ant, their exoskeleton are not very pale but only their cocoon.

Creatures in the Fallout games

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