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The Giant's Gloves as seen in Final Fantasy V.

The Giant's Gloves (きょじんのこて Kyojin no Kote), also known as the Titan's Gloves are a recurring set of gauntlets in the Final Fantasy series. They appear as mediocre armor that increases physical power, and appear paired with the Thief Gloves, which increase Speed in the earliest appearances.




Final Fantasy

The Giant's Gloves are a medium rank armor and cast Saber if used as an item, which makes them extremely useful. It grants +6 Defense, +3 Weight, and can be found in the Sunken Shrine.

Final Fantasy II

The Giant's Gloves, known as the Titan's Gloves in the Origins release, are a medium rank armor that grant +16 Defense, -17% Evade, +5% Magic Defense, +5 Attack, +10 Strength, and +10 Accuracy.

Final Fantasy IV

The Giant's Gloves are a medium rank armor that increase Stamina and Strength by 10. They can only be obtained by defeating enemies.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Giant's Gloves return as a rare drop from few enemies, and retain their +10 Strength and Stamina boost, as well as preventing Mini and providing +10 Defense. It reduces Evasion by 10% as well.

Final Fantasy V

Although the Giant's Gloves do not appear, the Titan Gloves are a powerful set of gauntlets in the game and increase Stamina and Strength, while decreasing Magic and Agility stats.

Final Fantasy VII

The Gigas Armlet is a medium rank armor that increases Strength by 30.

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