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Ghoul Mask
DR: 3
item HP: 616
weight: 1
value: 50
effects: Makes Feral Ghouls friendly
repair: none
quests: Tenpenny Tower
base id: 1DC1C

The Ghoul Mask is a unique piece of headwear in Fallout 3. It is a mask which completely covers the face and appears to consist of multiple patches of Feral Ghoul skin sewn together.



It provides a damage resistance of 3. Its main feature however is that all varieties of Feral Ghouls do not attack the wearer and his/her companions unless they themselves are attacked.

Although it is stated in-game that feral ghouls would attack despite the mask if you got too close to them for too long, this is not true. You can stand next to them indefinitely, follow them around or even try to talk to them. Although they will not speak if you attempt conversation, they will occasionally look at the PC and tilt their head to the side as though confused.

Despite the mask being considered headwear, it is counted as a piece of eyewear and not as "full" headwear like Hockey Masks. As such, certain headwear can be worn with it, including Combat Helmets for a nice +8 DR in total. In addition, your helmet does not receive any durability damage while wearing this mask and you will not need to repair the helmet at all. However, the Ghoul Mask will take the damage instead and has fairly low item HP, meaning that after only a few combats its condition will be at 0 HP and it will have to be repaired by a NPC.


This unique item may only be obtained by completing Tenpenny Tower in favor of Roy Phillips and his army of ghouls. Upon meeting Roy at the main doors of the tower, he thanks you for aiding him and gives you the mask so you may participate in or watch the wholesale slaughter of all former Tenpenny residents. The Ghoul Mask can also be obtained by peaceful persuasion. With high enough Charisma and Speech skill, Gustavo, Tenpenny and the Residents can be persuaded to let Roy and his followers live in the tower. After telling Roy the good news, he'll immediately hand you the Ghoul Mask.


  • Feral ghouls who were once non-hostile (due to the mask) but become hostile due to PC aggression will not trigger frag mines set while they were non-hostile.
  • Even though Roy Phillips warns that if you get too close the ghouls they will sniff you out, it isn't true. You can even attempt to talk feral ghouls and they will not become hostile.
  • Once the quest is complete, Three Dog will comment at the end of his news report on the quest that "you look like a complete freak show in that mask."
  • While escorting Doctor Li during the quest The Waters of Life, feral ghouls will still attack the escortees despite wearing the mask. When they do attack, the escortees will simply run away; Your companions will not attack the feral ghouls and they will still appear friendly to you regardless.
  • This mask has no effect on non-feral ghouls.
  • If given to Charon, despite him already being a ghoul, he will wear it.
  • Although this has been subject to much experimentation, (see Tenpenny Tower (quest) for more details) there appears to be NO (confirmed) method to obtain the Ghoul Mask and still have the human residents of Tenpenny Tower stay alive permanently. This is, of course, an important consideration for anyone wanting this item, especially since some of the choices someone can make in an attempt to keep the humans alive may actually make the end result worse.
  • If a hostile feral ghoul spots you, and then you put on the mask, it will remain hostile.


  • Equipping the mask while it is broken will (of course) tell you that you cannot equip broken items. However, you permanently gain the effect of the mask. You will be able to cruise through the Metro and certain buildings with little or no battles but if you unequip it you will be unable to equip it again until you repair it. (confirmed all platforms)
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