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Ghostly warriors were released 29 July 2008 along with the quest Spirit of Summer, which is required to access them. They have fairly low defence and are popular for training. These monsters are a variation of ghosts, so they count towards such a slayer task. Also, since Ghostly warriors are undead, they are affected by the Salve amulet and the Crumble Undead spell. If a player plans to fight them, it is recommended to bring alchemy runes because of the common steel armour drops, which alch for more than the runes are worth. They are also good droppers of cosmic, mind, and chaos runes. The player needs Jennica's ring to get to them, but it is recommended to switch to a Ring of Wealth once there. The warriors are aggressive to all levels, but with time become tolerant.


To access them, the player must have completed the Spirit of Summer quest. In the Axe Hut in deep Wilderness, the player must wear Jennica's ring and operate it when standing right next to the portal to be taken to the Spirit Realm, where, in place of the Magic axes, there will now be Ghostly warriors (who don't wield an axe). The player will need a lockpick to access the hut. To leave, the player should just step into the portal and operate the ring again, or run away from the building. The best way to access the portal is using Ardougne's lever.

As the Spirit Realm is classed as outside the wilderness, all methods of teleportation can be used. However, entering the Spirit Realm (via the portal) is counted as a teleport, so bringing a Forinthry brace to counter a Revenant's teleblock is recommended. It is also recommended the player bring some food if planning to stay for a long period of time. The player may want to bring some extra food because this place is located in 55 wilderness; although it is a short distance from the Ardougne teleport to the portal, a revenant attack is possible.

Other drops


  • The examine of the warrior, "A spectral warrior with no axe", implies that their non-spiritual counterparts are Magic axes.
  • Soon after the release of Spirit of Summer, it was possible to enter the hut without a lockpick; this has since been changed by Jagex.
  • Ghostly warriors are a kind of a ghostly version of the Varrock Guards.

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