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Miniquest Details

Official quest description: Discover the secret Ghostly robes.
Release date: April 13th, 2005 (Update unknown) edit
Start: Talk to the Mysterious ghost (Valdez) near Glarial's Tomb.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Medium-Long
Members only: Yes
Requirements: Completed Desert Treasure up to the Mirror and Shadow Diamond part and The Restless Ghost. 31 Prayer is required if Dhalak is at the Monastery.
Items needed: Ring of visibility

Ghostspeak amulet

3-5 energy potions would help

Monsters to kill: None

This mini-quest is used to get the ghostly robes. You can only start this mini-quest after starting Desert Treasure and obtaining the ring of visibility.


Warning: This miniquest can take people into dangerous parts of the Wilderness. Beware of Revenants. All of the Mysterious ghosts appear at all of their possible spots, but only one at a location will give you their piece of the set.


Valdez the Explorer

  • Go to Glarial's Tomb north of East Ardougne. Make sure you are wearing your ring of visibility and your ghostspeak amulet. The ghost will not appear as a dot on the minimap.
  • When you speak to him he will introduce himself and relate his part of the story. He will then give you a Ghostly robe top.
  • He requests you to find another ghost named Rennard.

Now there are three possible sequences of ghosts you need to visit:

Number Ghost Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Sequence 3
1 Rennard Near the shipwrecked ship near the Pirates' Hideout Bandit Camp (Wilderness) Bandit Camp (Kharidian Desert)
2 Kharrim Zamorak altar in Level 38 wilderness (west) Graveyard of Shadows Centre of the Lava maze
3 Lennissa Church on Entrana Port Sarim docks Gnomeball field
4 Dhalak Wizards tower Second floor of Monastery Upstairs in Party room
5 Viggora Second floor of the Rogues' castle in the wilderness Second floor of Slayer tower in Canifis (Middle floor) Edgeville dungeon near Earth Warriors

Rennard the Thief


When you find him he will just be called 'Mysterious Ghost' again (as with the rest of the ghosts). He will give you a pair of Ghostly gloves. It is recommended that you drop the gloves several times and ask for another pair, as getting deep into the wilderness takes time. He wants you to find Kharrim now.


Kharrim the Messenger

Kharrim will be in one of these locations:

Head to this location and talk to Kharrim. He will give you some Ghostly boots and ask you to find Lennissa.


From him you learn that Zamorak was a mortal Mahjarrat, and that what he did with the Staff of Armadyl caused the "other gods" to banish him, although Saradomin must have had foreknowledge of the mysterious event. (Requires editing)

Lennissa the Spy

Lennissa may be in:

Once at one of these places, look for Lennissa and speak to her. She will give you the Ghostly robe bottom and ask you to find Dhalak.


Dhalak the Magician

Dhalak may be in:

  • Second floor of the Monastery (Level 31 Prayer required)
  • Falador Party Room, 2nd floor
  • Wizard's Tower ground floor, the room with bookcases

Once found, talk to Dhalak. He should give you the Ghostly hood and tell you to find the last ghost, Viggora.


Viggora the Warrior

Viggora will be found at one of these locations:

Listen to what he has to say and then he will give you the final robe piece, the Ghostly cloak.


Upon completion, you can talk to Historian Minas on the 2nd floor of the Varrock Museum and receive 10 kudos.

A male player wearing the ghostly robes.


  • If you speak to any of the ghosts without a Ghostspeak amulet, your character may say "all your base are belong to us", as well as some other quotes. These are references to famous translation errors in the game Zero Wing.
  • If you lose any part of your ghostly robe set, you will have to go back to the ghost that you got it from.
  • It is possible to have more than one set of ghostly robes by dropping the part that is wanted and talking to the ghost again. (NOTE: You must not have any of the robes that you want in your bank) Therefore, the most sets of robes you can get at once is 29 (28 in your inventory and wearing 1) you cannot use familiars to store the robes. This was the case until a player figured out that you could drop and run back for more. The proof can be watched here.
  • When speaking to Rennard, your player says "I ain't scared of no ghost," a possible spin-off of "I ain't afraid of no ghost" from the Ghostbusters theme song.
  • If you have 99 magic, when talking to Dhalak he will ask you "Be you some mighty sorcerer to bind me or so?" and you will reply "Well, I don't mean to brag, but I guess I am with my 99 magic..."
  • If you wear the Ghostly Robes with Ava's Attractor/Accumulator and you look straight through your chest, you will not see it, despite the fact that you can see other things through the robes. The same goes for wearing a necklace or amulet and looking through your back.
  • If you equip a ring of visibility that is in your inventory while you have one already equipped, you will not be able to see the ghosts. You have to un-equip the ring that you are currently wearing, and re-equip it in order to see the ghosts again.
  • The ghost called Dhalak, is possibly a reference to Doctor Who, in which there are cyborgs called Daleks.
  • If you wear your Ring of visibility and Ghostspeak amulet and speak to the Scout just south of Shantay's Pass, he will say, "You can see into the shadow world, but you are not of it. I do not trust you." or "A mere mortal can see into the Shadow Realm? The General will want to know of this." or "Spy! I shall kill you!" or "Begone, you filthy human! I spare no words for you." The chat box will also say, "They object to your opaque clothes." If you wear the ghostly robe set and talk to him, he will say, "A skinbag in the shadow realm? Khazard will want to know of this." This is referring to the Shadow Sword miniquest.

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