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Image:Quote1.png No, I will not go out again. Not until the bad, crazy Fourth World has been swept away and the human beings respect us again. Image:Quote2.png
-- Coyote-Old-Man

Appearing in "First Tremor"

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Synopsis for "First Tremor"

In the spirit world, several animal avatars gather around a being, known as Coyote-Old-Man. They are concerned over affairs on the Fourth World (Earth), and further speculate as to the disappearance of one of their own – White-Buffalo-Woman.

In the desert, a man known as Snake drums out a rhythm with his hands upon a piece of flat rock. Unwittingly, Snake strikes the appropriate chords to gain the notice of the spirit world. Coyote-Old-Man suspects that Snake may be connected to White-Buffalo-Woman and assumes a human guise to investigate on his own.

In Los Angeles, a man named Cody awakens from a disturbing dream. In the dream, he envisioned himself living on the plains of the American West where he played witness to a stampede of buffalo. Cody lives with a drug-addled Indian woman named Brown Mary.

Elsewhere, a man named Brother Christopher likewise has a bizarre dream. He awakens in a secret facility in his hometown of Fort Edgar where he is hooked up to an EEG machine.

Coyote-Old-Man finds Snake who is in the midst of a psychedelic party/meeting with some close friends. He asks him where he learned the drumbeat that was used to alert the spirit world. Snake tells him that he learned it from an old band-mate, a woman named Brown Mary. Coyote-Old-Man suspects that this may in fact be White-Buffalo-Woman.


  • This issue contains profanity and nudity and is designated with the "Suggested for Mature Readers" warning on the front cover.
  • The Ghostdancing limited series takes place outside the continuity of the mainstream DC Universe, as well as other Vertigo imprint titles.
  • Snot-Boy appears as Brother Christopher in this issue. He won't be recognized as Snot-Boy until issue #4.


  • Author Jamie Delano wrote Ghostdancing as a reaction to his intense hatred of the American manifest destiny movement of the 19th century.
  • The character of White-Buffalo-Woman was inspired by a buffalo-shaped cloud that Delano witnessed while conceptualizing this mini-series. The cloud preceded a series of rhythmic thunderclaps - a sound akin to the beating of hooves. Jamie used this imagery as a reflection of the Fifth World emergence taking place throughout the course of this story.

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