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Ghost ships were a controversial belief (or even a phenomenon) in some areas of the galaxy.

Ghost ships were old starships that were somehow destroyed or lost mysteriously; their fate would become an object of legend and awe; for some reason, they would be believed to visit the spaces they were lost in again and again, along with the spirits of their dead pilots.

Examples included the long-lost, sometimes-sighted Permondiri Explorer, the fabled Queen of Ranroon or Admiral Fa'rey's ship which haunted the Daragon Trail.

The massacre at the Battle of Dreighton originated the legend about the Dreighton Triangle, ever after considered haunted. This legend was an ideal background for the Galactic Empire to construct their Phantom TIEs, whose mysterious appearances would fertilize the legend.

It is unknown how many of these legends were purely superstition or actual phenomena, and whether they were in any way related to the Force, such as Force ghosts.


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City of Heroes

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The Ghost Ship Moraine regularly crosses the harbor zones of Paragon City, eternally searching for a way home.


At irregular intervals, the Ghost Ship will spawn in Independence Port or Talos Island and make its way across the zone. As it crosses or passes near land, Spectral Passengers will be spawned in groups on the surrounding land. These ghosts are lvl 25 opponents that will aggro on any hero that approaches them, reguardless of level difference.

Ghost Ships will spawn anywhere in the range of 1 minute to 36 hours in a zone after another Ghost Ship has exited the same zone. Ghost Ships can exist in Independence Port and Talos Island simultaneously.

Spectral Chill

Since the Ghost Ship is technically an untargetable NPC, it has the capacity for powers. When inside the Ghost Ship, you will be affected by Spectral Chill.

Spectral Chill -Accuracy -Damage
The Ghost Ship has passed through you. You felt its Spectral Chill in your bones. Your accuracy and damage have been greatly reduced.

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Defeating 50 Spectral Passengers from the Ghost Ship will earn heroes the Ectoplasmic Badge

Image:badge_ghost_ship.png Ectoplasmic

You have held back the forces of the afterlife in their eternal struggle to break through to the mortal world.

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This article uses material from the "Ghost Ship" article on the City of Heroes wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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