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"Methods do not interest me. Only results."
—Judge Ghis

Judge Ghis (ギース, Gīsu) is a character in Final Fantasy XII. An antagonist, he is a Judge Magister, the highest rank possible in the Archadian Empire. An older Judge, he leads the Imperial 8th Fleet, aboard his flagship, the Dreadnought Leviathan.


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Responsible for capturing Princess Ashe, his men find her in the Garamsythe Waterway, and she is taken aboard the Leviathan. Here, he keeps a close eye on her. Later, when the player party sneaks aboard the Leviathan, they encounter Ghis on the bridge. Here, he tells everyone that the woman they thought was Amalia was really the Princess Ashe. He then takes the Dusk Shard from the party, and sends them to the brig. However, the party escapes, but Ghis manages to cut them off at the hangar. Here, he sees the power of nethicite first-hand, when one of his spells is absorbed by some manufacted nethicite. He then fights the player party, but is defeated, letting the party escape on an Atomos.

Later, he manages to capture the party again, at the Tomb of Raithwall. This time, he takes the Dawn Shard off them. Wanting to test its power for himself, he places the Dawn Shard in the Leviathan's engine. At first, the results look good, giving Judge Ghis delusions of grandeur. As he begins to contemplate taking the crown for himself, the shard soon reacts violently, causing the engine to direly malfunction. Ghis, along with his entire fleet is destroyed in the resulting explosion, though Ashe and her party escape.


Mark Wing-Davey as Ghis
Image:GhisVoice1 1.ogg
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In the English version, the voice of Ghis is provided by Mark Wing-Davey. Ryūsuke Ōbayashi voices him in the Japanese release.


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The party fights Ghis while trying to escape the Leviathan after rescuing Princess Ashe. While he is defeated, he survives the battle, and appears again after the Tomb of Raithwall.


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