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Get the vertibird plans for the Brotherhood of Steel

Travel to Navarro and obtain the Vertibird plans at the Enclave base.
location: San Francisco, Navarro
given by: Matt, Brotherhood of Steel member
reward: 3500 xp for finding plans, 20000 xp for Returning plans to Matt
related: The Hubologists need plans for a vertibird from Navarro
Steal the vertibird plans from the Shi
The Shi need plans for a vertibird from Navarro
Steal the vertibird plans from the Hubologists

If you go to the Brotherhood of Steel outpost (located at the South-West of San Francisco), you'll meet Matt, the only BoS member in town, and he'll cheers you by your name. Ask about the Brotherhood of Steel, he'll refer about their history and a recent meeting with a hi-tech group, The Enclave, that has developed the Vertibird technology. The BoS are interested in that, but no scout has succeeded to obtain those plans. Accept the quest and he'll give the location of Navarro (a Vertibirds refuelling post, North-West from San Francisco) and an advice to go there alone to deceive the Poseidon Gas Station attendant, Chris, that you're a new recruit.

By the way, if all of your NPCs are wearing Power Armor, Chris can't suspect them.

After deceiving Chris, he'll give you the password "Sheephead", to make a safe enter in Navarro (located behind the Gas Station, crossing the forest). Give it to the Enclave Guard at the entrance.

If you're not wearing a Power Armor everyone will advice you to get one as soon as possible
at the armory, because if you don't do it, you'll get in trouble with the Commander.

Many Enclave technicians will point you to the location of the Vertibird plans (even Quincy, a maintenance tech who really has them, at the north-east hangar with a truck): Raul, the Vertibird maintenance tech (at the Vertibird hangar). He redirects you to Quincy, so what you have to do is to confront Quincy with Raul, and you'll get the plans (and a funny quarrel). On their workbenchs you'll find a Super Sledgehammer, and some books.

There is more to do in Navarro base, so if you want to know all, search for the kitchen camp, and
talk to the cooker Cookie.

Return to San Francisco and talk with Matt, he'll congratulates you and will make a *copy* of the blue prints and get them back to you. (There are more people interested on those...). Now you'll have access to all Brotherhood of Steel bases and their equipment.

Quest Experience/Rewards:

  • Get the password from Chris: 1500 xp
  • Find the Vertibird plans: 3500 xp
  • Fix K9: 3500 xp
  • Retrieve the tanker FOB: 3500 xp
  • Free Xarn the deathclaw: 1500 xp
  • Return the Vertibird plans: 20000 xp, and access to all BoS bases
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