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Get Gizmo's confession
location: Junktown
given by: Killian Darkwater
reward: 500 experience points and one of the following:
5 Stimpacks
A Doctor's Bag
A suit of Leather Armor
A Shotgun and Shotgun Shells
related: Kill Killian
Save Killian's Life

Get Gizmo's confession is a side quest in the original Fallout.


After the Vault Dweller speaks to Killian Darkwater for the first time, a man named Kenji equipped with a Hunting Rifle enters the store saying "Gizmo sends his regards" and fires at Killian. Once the lone assassin has been dealt with, Mayor Darkwater asks the player to obtain a confession from Gizmo so he can lock him up or take him down. There are a number of ways to do this. Go to Gizmo's office at the back of his casino. Here, you can either plant the bug on Gizmo with the Sneak Skill or persuade Gizmo to hire you to assassinate Killian while you have the Tape Recorder in your inventory.



  • If the player obtains the tape of Gizmo asking the player to kill Killian, the quest to do so will remain in the player's Pip-Boy indefinitely.
  • During the Fight against Kenji at the Beginning of the quest if you accidentally Hit a Guard during battle there is for some reason a 50/50 Chance the town will become hostile however They won't become hostile instantly instead it may take about 5 minutes in-game time(Or somewhere around that time not really sure) before they do become hostile
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