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Final Fantasy

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Gerald is a mercenary in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. To obtain him, defeat 1,000 enemies and then talk to him on the World Map, in New Game +.


Race Gender Level Weapon Head Armor Body Armor Accessory
Clavat Male 12 Septentrio Blade Berserk Mask Royal Armor Guard Ring


Level HP MP Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
Initial 177 135 255 142 42 29
99 514 448 999 331 216 203

Elemental ATK/DEF

Stat Fire Ice Thunder Stun Spacetime Dark
Attack 304 304 304 20 402 304
Defense 307 307 307 35 307 307

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From Grand Theft Wiki

You may be looking for Gerald McReary, a character from GTA IV.

Gerald is a character in Grand Theft Auto: London, 1969 and Grand Theft Auto: London, 1961. Gerald works for Lenny and lives in South Camberwell, London. The protagonist steals his car and rigs it with a bomb, with the explosion killing him.

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Gerald DeGroot
Gerald DeGroot
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Gerald DeGroot
Also known as
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Michigan, USA
Founder of the DHARMA Initiative
In Australia...
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On the island...
Family members

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Gerald DeGroot is the co-founder of the DHARMA Initiative, with his wife Karen DeGroot.


Before the DHARMA Initiative

When Gerald was eight, Alvar Hanso stayed with his family while attending the University of Michigan (located in Ann Arbor, MI) as a foreign exchange student. Alvar bonded with the DeGroots, particularly Gerald, and stayed in contact with them over the years. Later, Gerald, and his future wife Karen, attended the University of Michigan as well, and were both doctoral candidates there. (Pearl Orientation video) When Gerald was a graduate student, he contacted Alvar, asking for funding for his new project, the DHARMA Initiative. (Mysteries of the Universe)

Founding the DHARMA Initiative

In 1970, Gerald and Karen DeGroot founded the DHARMA Initiative. It was, and may still be, financially backed by Danish industrialist and munitions magnate Alvar Hanso and his Hanso Foundation. The alleged purpose of the Initiative was to create "a large-scale communal research compound where scientists and free-thinkers from around the globe could pursue research in meteorology, psychology, parapsychology, zoology, and electromagnetism."

After the DHARMA Initiative

According to Thomas Mittlewerk, the DHARMA Initiative "failed". The whereabouts of this couple are unknown today but many theories have surfaced.


Name reference

  • DeGroot, or De Groot, is a very common Dutch family name, meaning "the big" or "the great".
    • There was a Dutch novelist, philosopher and jurist named Hugo de Groot (lat. Grotius 1583–1645). [1]
    • There was a Dutch chess master and psychologist by the name of Adriaan de Groot. He conducted many psychological chess experiments. He broke the thought process of choosing a move into four stages, the first of which being the "orientation" phase. [2]
    • There was a famous Dutch Sinologist by the name of Jan Jakob Maria de Groot (Pen name J.J.M. de Groot) He was essentially a historian of religion. [3]
  • There is an accomplished British author by the name of Gerard DeGroot. He published a number of articles on the First World War. He also wrote The 60s Unplugged: A Kaleidoscopic History of a Disorderly Decade.
  • There are numerous references to (fictional) persons named De Groot in the mock newspaper accompanying the original vinyl release of rock group Jethro Tull's 1972 album Thick as a Brick. [4] Furthermore, there is a song entitled "Dharma for One" on their debut album This Was.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

Release date Unknown edit
Race Human
Members NPC? Yes
Quest NPC? No
Location South of Baxtorian Falls
Sells items? No
Skill requirement? No
Quest requirement? No
Gender Male
Examine Looks suspiciously like a fisherman.
Notable features A man wandering near the River Dougne.

Gerald is a man wandering near the banks of the River Dougne, south of the massive chain of rapids known as Baxtorian Falls. Gerald appears to be a fisherman looking to harvest the native trout and salmon that make their home in the nearby stretch of water.

Gerald can be found very close to where a player will wash up if they attempt to traverse Baxtorian Falls' rapids without a rope, a fact he comments on in an issue of Postbag from the Hedge. If spoken to, Gerald will discuss some of the area's tourist attractions. He also makes a brief mention of the legendary treasure said to have been left in the falls by the elven king Baxtorian some 200 years ago, in the late days of the Fourth Age. He says that, although many adventurers come searching for it, none have found any trace of Baxtorian's legendary tomb.

Gerald may be some help to players working on Waterfall Quest, as some his historical knowledge relates to the quest.

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