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Species: Human
Gender: male
Affiliation: Federation
Father: Tiberius Kirk
Marital Status: married
Spouse(s): Winona Kirk
Children: George Samuel Kirk, Jr.
James T. Kirk
Occupation: officer
Previous Assignment: XO, USS Enterprise
Final Assignment: military adjutant to Cale Sandorsen
Rank: commander
Insignia: Sleeve insignia.
George Kirk in the 2240s.

George Samuel Kirk, Sr. was a noted Human Starfleet officer in the 23rd century, serial number SA-733-9624-AM. (TOS website: Starfleet Shipyard)


Canon History

George was the son of Tiberius Kirk, and circa 2233 served as first officer of the USS Kelvin. In the Prime Universe, he lived at least to the year 2265 when his son James became captain of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). James considered George to be his inspiration for joining Starfleet.

In the alternate reality created by Nero's incursion, he was killed in 2233 shortly after the birth of his son. (Star Trek (film))

Non-Canon History

George was born in 2202, in Riverside, Iowa on Earth's North American continent, the youngest son of Samuel Kirk. He also had one elder brother, James Kirk. (TOS novels: Best Destiny, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Past Prologue, Time for Yesterday, Enterprise: The First Adventure, Final Frontier, TOS website: Starfleet Shipyard)

In the middle 2220s, Kirk worked as a midshipman on the working trader ship Alexandria (TOS novel: The Great Starship Race).

In the late-2220s, Kirk married Winona and settled down in Riverside, Iowa, on Earth as a member of the Back-to-Earthers group. He was even Riverside's mayor (TOS novel: World Without End).

In 2230 George and Winona's first son, George Samuel Kirk Jr., was born, followed by their most famous son, James Tiberius Kirk, in 2233. Kirk served as the first officer of the USS Kelvin around this time.

George took his children and his wife to see the Starfleet War Memorial on Federation Day in the year 2238. (ENT novel: Last Full Measure)

In the late-2230s and early-2240s, Kirk was assigned to Starbase 2 as chief of security, rising to the rank of commander by 2243.

In 2241, Kirk was holding James in his arms one night whilst both looked up at the stars. This was the moment when James decided he wanted to travel in space. (TOS novel: The Return)

In 2243, Kirk was abducted from Starbase 2 by his old friend Captain Robert April, who wanted Kirk to serve as first officer aboard the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701), while the starship conducted its top-secret rescue of the SS Rosenberg. (TOS novel: Final Frontier)

Circa 2245, James fantasised about serving alongside George. (TOS short story: "First Star I See Tonight")

In 2246, Kirk took his younger son into space for the first time (TOS novel: Best Destiny), although this resulted in James witnessing the atrocity on Tarsus IV (TOS episode: "The Conscience of the King") and returning to Earth with a hatred of his father. Starfleet only gave Kirk one week to comfort his son. Kirk took the week...but not a day more. (TOS short story: "First Star I See Tonight")

Kirk took James for his first visit aboard USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in 2248. (TOS novel: Best Destiny)

Later that year, Kirk was with James on planet Grex in 2248 when the Janus gate on Tlaoli IV swapped James with his 2266-self, a fact that remained unknown to Kirk (TOS - The Janus Gate novels: Present Tense, Past Prologue)

In late 2249, Kirk saw his family for the last time, at the launchport. There, James insulted his father so vehemently that — after George's ship had launched — Winona slapped James across the face and walked off. (TOS short story: "First Star I See Tonight")

Kirk was killed six months later, in early 2250, on planet Hellspawn, where he'd volunteered to be assigned. (TOS short story: "First Star I See Tonight" and TOS novels: Final Frontier, Crisis on Centaurus)

His name has alternatively been rendered as George Joseph Kirk (TOS novel: Academy: Collision Course). Presumably, young Joseph Kirk is named for him (TOS novels: Preserver, Captain's Blood, Captain's Peril, Captain's Glory).





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