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"Harnessing the power of their surroundings, they easily avoid pits and floors with damaging effects"

The Geomancer is a job in Final Fantasy V, which is given to the player after the Fire Crystal shatters.


The main cast as Geomancers.

The Geomancer dresses very heavily in what looks like mountain gear, since it must deal with a whole host of environments. Ironically, the player will be using this job to walk over lava pits most of the time, so insulation isn't this job's top priority. The look from character to character is fairly uniform, though Galuf and Lenna's outfits features striped pants and Krile seems to have yellow stars on her costume.


  • Job Command - Gaia
  • Innate Abilities - Find Pits, Light Step
  • Equipment - Knives, Bell

The Gaia command is very useful, especially in the hands of a spell caster. It has a random effect, based on the current location's environment. The effects caused by the command vary, causing something as simple as minor damage to inflicting instant death. Regardless, this command is based on the user's magic power and costs no MP, so it is a cheap alternative to magic. Find Pits will reveal trap doors, but only if the user is about to step on one, while Light Step lets the user walk over harmful surfaces like lava.

The stat modifiers for Geomancers are:

  • Strength: +4
  • Agility: +2
  • Stamina: +4
  • Magic: +24

Level-Up Abilities

Level 1 ability
RPGe Name Terrain
Anthology Name Earth
GBA Name Gaia
AP Required 25
Type Command
Description Attack enemies by channeling the power of the surrounding area.
Information Lets any job use the Gaia command.
Level 2 ability
RPGe Name Pitfall
Anthology Name Findhole
GBA Name Find Pits
AP Required 50
Type Passive
Description Detect holes in the floor.
Information If the player walks onto a surface that would normally collapse, it will collapse, but the player will jump back before they fall.
Level 3 ability
RPGe Name Damage Floor
Anthology Name Antitrap
GBA Name Light Step
AP Required 100
Type Passive
Description Avoid damage on floors with harmful effects.
Information Lets the player walk over surfaces that would normally damage them without any ill effects.

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