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Genji Shield in Final Fantasy XII.

Genji Equipment is a recurring set of Heavy Armor that appears in almost all Final Fantasy games. They are usually the best or near-best equipment. Genji appears as a Shield, Armor, Helm, and Gauntlet. It is usually stolen/obtained from the recurring boss Gilgamesh. It is described as armor from a far-away land.




Final Fantasy

Genji equipment can be obtained only in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy. They can be found only in the bonus dungeons of each release. Additionally, one can win a Genji Armor from Warmech in the aforementioned remakes.

Final Fantasy II

Genji equipment can be found inside chests protected by the four final bosses on Pandaemonium, or in the secret minigame after the spell Toad is leveled up to 16 (GBA and PSP version only).

Final Fantasy III

The complete Genji set can be found throughout the Cave of Shadows. However, only the Freelancer, Dark Knight, Ninja, and Onion Knight Job classes can equip the set.

Final Fantasy IV

Originally translated as Samurai equipment, it was corrected to Genji in all subsequent remakes. The complete Genji set can be found in the Lair of the Father, and Kain comes with a set equipped when he joins the party after the defeat of the Giant of Babil.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Genji equipment returns in the The After Years and is found in the Subterrane. Although Gilgamesh is in the game, none can be stolen from him.

Final Fantasy V

The only way to get Genji equipment is to steal it from Gilgamesh. Therefore in any of the four battles against Gilgamesh where he actually has the gear offers a small window for acquisition of Genji Equipment.

Final Fantasy VI

Genji equipment appears in Final Fantasy VI in both the original and Advance port. The complete Genji equipment can be stolen from Gilgamesh. Although the Helmet, Armor, and Shield are all equippable armor and among the best in the game, the Genji Glove is a Relic that gives the Dual Wield ability.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Genji equipment appears in Crisis Core. This includes:

  • Genji Helm: The Genji helm can only be unlocked from the Network Shop Shade after clearing all Great Cavern Of Wonders Missions. It costs a hefty 1000000 gil, but when equipped, the Genji helm enables auto Libra and no MP/AP cost.
  • Genji Armor: The Genji Armor is unlocked once all characters and summons have been captured on the DMW and are at 100%. The Genji Armor sets your HP Limit to 99,999 and enables Auto Endure as well as initiate auto regen.
  • Genji Glove: The Genji Glove is found in a treasure chest in mission 9-6-4. When equipped, the Genji glove sets your damage limit to 99,999 and makes every hit critical.
  • Genji Shield: The Genji shield is probably the hardest piece of equipment to get. You have to encounter the random enemy Magic Pot in mission 7-6-6, then use what he says on him when he asks for it. He will ask you to use Gil Toss, then Costly Punch, then deal 99,999 damage to him, and finally use Sephiroth's DMW move, Octaslash, on him. Using any other DMW will make him run. When you have the Genji Shield equipped, it will enable Auto Barrier and Auto MBarrier, and not only that, you will become immune to all status effects and will absorb all elemental attacks.

Final Fantasy IX

Genji equipment can be obtained in this game from several Chocograph treasures available via the Chocobo Hot and Cold side quest. Also, the player may steal the entire set from Maliris, Kraken, and Lich in Memoria, although solely as bosses, and not the crystallized regular enemies encountered in the Crystal World. Steiner and Freya are the only characters able to equip the Genji equipment.

Tetra Master

  • Card 079
  • Location:
  • CD1,2,3,4: Alexandria Skipping Rope Girls (When Vivi is skipping get 100 points to get the Genji card)
  • CD3: Treno Card Stadium (rarely used by Card Freak Cil)
  • CD4: Memoria

Final Fantasy X

Genji armor can be customized for Tidus, Auron, and Kimahri when "Break HP Limit" is the dominant ability. These are the Genji Shield, Genji Bracer, and Genji Armguard. Auron also has a weapon called the Genji Blade, which has Triple Overdrive.

Final Fantasy XI

Genji equipment is referenced in the game as a National Treasure, and is related to the Feast of Swords annual event (usually late April).

Final Fantasy XII

There is only one way to acquire the Genji Equipment in this game, by stealing the pieces from Gilgamesh. Similar to the predecessor, the Genji equipment consist of Genji Helm, Genji Shield, Genji Armor, and Genji Gloves. Each set of Genji Equipment may be obtained depending on Gilgamesh's health when attempting to steal.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Genji Equipment can be stolen from Marquis Elmdor, but this was removed in the remake, and it can instead be obtained in the new Multiplayer mode. The Genji Armor can also be obtained in the new sidequest at Lionel Castle in Chapter 4, after defeating Aliste Rosenheim.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Genji equipment can be obtained as mission rewards. The Genji Armor can teach Reflex to the Paladin Job.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The Genji Gloves can be obtained and gives +10 Defense, +3 Magick, and +5 Resistance. The Genji Helm grants +2 Attack, +19 Defense, and +9 Resistance. The Genji Armor and Shield can also be acquired.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

The Warrior Sallet, Shogun Sallet, Warrior Harness, and Shogun Harness represent Genji Equipment.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

The Genji Shield is a level 85 shield that provides 60 Defense and costs 4,224 gil to buy.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Genji Helm, Genji Shield, and Genji Armor appear here as well as the Genji Blade. They are rare drops from the Gilgamesh friend card and can be bought in the shop by trading other equipment and accessories after finishing Inward Chaos. When any three Genji items are equipped, they activate the "Soul of Yamato" combination, increasing Luck by 3, the Regen rate by 20%, increasing the rate at which EX Cores appear, and giving the "HP to Brave" ability.


The word "Genji" has a variety of historical significances in Japanese culture. The Minamoto Clan was also called the Genji Clan, and Minamoto was a surname commonly bestowed on the children of the Emperor that were not eligible for the throne. A book titled "The Tale of Genji" also exists, often considered the first novel, which follows royal figures. Genji is also a very short period in Japanese history, lasting only a single year from 1864-1865.


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