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A detailed view of General Khazard.

General Khazard is a Mahjarrat who can only be fought during the Fight Arena quest. He may be fought after killing Bouncer (his pet hellhound), though it is not required. He is spoken to frequently during the Shadow Sword miniquest.


Personality and traits

Khazard is an evil, sadistic Mahjarrat who possibly underestimates his fellow Mahjarrat, as he refers to "them" as cunning, but not strong. He rules a militaristic settlement, based around the Khazard Fight Arena, which is at war with the Tree Gnome Village. The nearby sea port which supplies the arena is also named after him. These settlements have been in operation for a number of years; in the RuneScape novel Betrayal at Falador, set in 164, Sir Tiffy Cashien mentions that a White Knight once left the order to spy on their activities some time before. He is vague, however, as to how long ago it was, although another knight named Sir Justrain is known to have left in a similar way in roughly 147. He has some influence in the shadow realm, as he was able to send shadow realm scouts to spy on human strongholds.

Fight Arena

General Khazard's giant form, as seen after he is defeated once in the Fight Arena quest.

In the quest Fight Arena, General Khazard kidnaps and forces members of rich families to fight in his arena for pure entertainment for the citizens of Khazard. The player makes a rescue attempt and ends up fighting in the arena them self. Khazard sets his pet hellhound Bouncer on the player. After defeating Bouncer, the player can then choose to engage in combat with Khazard or just to escape. After being defeated the first time, Khazard transforms into a giant form and attacks the player again. He is, like all Mahjarrat, a powerful shapeshifter and very hard to kill utterly. Regardless of the outcome of the Fight Arena quest, Khazard then appears in a ghost-like form in the Shadow Sword miniquest.

Shadow Sword

In the Shadow Sword miniquest, the player meets Khazard in a forest in the south of the Fremennik Province. He is in a ghost-like form, and is can only be seen with the Ring of Visibility. The General doesn't seem particularly bothered by his recent defeat, and when he seems to almost recognise the player he is easily talked out of it. He charges the player with speaking to several messengers scattered across Gielinor. After this is done, Khazard tells the player to visit the Goblin Cave near the Fishing Guild for his/her reward. The 'reward', however, is a just a ruse, as the General did indeed recognise the player and has set a trap for him/her. Upon entering the cave, the player is ambushed by the spectre of the General's pet Hellhound who was killed in the Fight Arena quest, Bouncer.


  • General Khazard used to wield an Iron two-handed sword with 1 hand, yet attacked with 2.
  • When Runescape HD was released, General Khazard's armour was changed along with the rest of his army, and his Iron two-handed sword was replaced with appears to be an Iron Katana.
  • While his chathead has been updated in Fight Arena, he still has the old chathead during the Shadow Sword miniquest. This has yet to be fixed.
  • In Update:Members' quests Jagex spelled Kazar instead of Khazard. This is most likely just a mistake by Jagex.
  • Khazard was born towards the end of the God Wars, and as such is the youngest of the Mahjarrat, as stated by Zemouregal.
  • Khazard's mother is called Palkeera.
  • After his mother's death, he was tutored by another Mahjarrat, Hazeel.
  • The frozen Zarosian fortress of Ghorrock has a statue of General Khazard in its courtyard.

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