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General Jingwei's Uniform
General Jingwei's Uniform
DR: 25
item HP: 999,100
weight: 2
value: 10
repair: (Dirty) Chinese Jumpsuit
base id: xx00c1ca
Chinese General Hat
DR: 6
item HP: 99,915
weight: 1
value: 6
repair: Chinese Commando Hat
base id: xx00c1c8

General Jingwei's Uniform and the Chinese General Hat are worn by General Jingwei inside the Anchorage Reclamation simulation in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.



Uniform and hat are available to the player through the use of console commands in the PC version. The uniform is avalible to all versions via a glitch.

To do this glitch, kill the Quartermaster and take his armor (he is the only person in the game that doesn't turn blue and dissapear after you kill him) after you recieve your gear (first you may want to do the multiple weapons glitch). It is very important that you not talk to Sergeant Montgomery after you complete Paving the Way. After finishing Paving the Way, you will go through the Trenches alone. When you meet Jingwei, shoot the sword out of his hand, then pick it up (plus you get a sweet sword). This is optional, but it makes the rest of the glitch extremely easier. Then go to the crates at the back of the Refinery. Jump on the barrels at the back-right, then jump on the crate behind the Chinese Sniper and hide. Jingwei must not see you. After your indicator has gone to hidden, save. (it is recommended to use seperate saves) Then, change to third-person and check if Jingwei is facing you. If he is, jump out so he sees you, then hide on the crate again. If he isn't facing you, then start sneaking towards him, saving as you get closer. When he is close enough, save(again) and reverse-pickpocket your unused Combat Armor. Stand up, and go to the exit. Go into third-person, and swivel the camera until you can activate the door and go back outside of the Refinery. Jingwei will follow you, so just jump onto the crates at the side and wait until he goes past the blasted door. Jump down and quickly run back inside, and hide again. Once hidden, look to see if Jingwei is facing you(if he is, do the aforementioned step,) then sneak over to him and pickpocket your crisp, new General's Uniform.(Even so, it is only labeled "Chinese Jumpsuit" in your inventory.)You cannot obtain his hat as it is marked un-playable. You can then plant a live mine or grenade on General Jingwei, and this will make it much easier.


The uniform is a reskinned version of the Dirty Chinese Jumpsuit from the main game and offers a significantly higher damage resistance than both the Winterized or standard Chinese Jumpsuits. Like the Winterized Jumpsuit, it lacks any kind of bonus and has abnormally high durability.

Likewise, the Chinese General Hat sports a higher damage resistance and item health than the Chinese Commando Hat.


General Jingwei's Uniform and the Chinese General Hat appear in the Fallout 3 add-on Operation: Anchorage.


  • If obtained via the glitch on the discussion page, it will be named "Chinese Jumpsuit."
  • It has a better damage reduction-to-weight ratio than Maple's Garb, giving it the best in the game.
  • It will appear as a normal Winterized Chinese Jumpsuit for female characters, as it was only intended to be worn by male characters (Jingwei).


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Operation: Anchorage (add-on)

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