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General Immortus is centuries old, and his origins are shrouded in mystery. He once owned a diamond mine, the source of his wealth, and he killed many of the workers to keep the location a secret.[1] Thereafter, most of General Immortus's schemes were to sustain his longevity and thusly he became the leader of a criminal syndicate to steal ancient mystical artifacts for this purpose. He lives indefinately due to a life-extending alchemical potion, although he lost the formula. As his potion began to run out, he hired young scientist Niles Caulder to recreate the potion. When Caulder discovered Immortus's identity and plan, he sabotaged the "life extending ray" that he had been developing. Caulder, as "The Chief" later formed the Doom Patrol specifically to combat one of Immortus's later schemes.

From time to time thereafter, Immortus sparred with the Doom Patrol, usually in an effort to obtain the results of the Chief's life-extension research. Immortus was a one-time member of the Brotherhood of Evil, a group formed largely to combat the Doom Patrol.

A second Doom patrol was initiated by an Indian woman named Arani, claiming to be Mrs. Niles Caulder and calling herself Celsius. The General submitted her to a mind scan to find the secret to immortality, and managed to become young for the briefest moment on his Moon Base until the Doom Patrol got free and started to destroy the base as he began regressing to his former senescence. It turned out the immortality treatment failed because it had been prepared specifically for Arani's physiology.[2]

He was seen in Salvation Run, where he was apparently killed by Parademons.[3]

Immortus reappeared, alive and well, [4], and referred to the events of Salvation Run as having been an eye-opening experience for him. He is now recruiting followers and having Professor Milo operate upon them to give them powers, including established non-powered villains Sportsmaster, Mr Polka Dot, Condiment King and the Human Flame. He ensures that use of these abilities causes pain until the villains have proved themselves unconditionally.

The General Plots

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General Immortus possesses a great intellect sharpened by centuries worth of experience. He is a brillaint tactician and master strategist. His keen scientific mind has allowed him to develop many megalmaniacal weapons of destruction over the years. He has fought side by side with Alexander the Great, Attila the Hun, and Napolean Bonaparte.[5]

He claims to have known Galileo.[6]

Strength level

In his natural state, General Immortus possesses the relative strength level of an elderly man who engages in no regular exorcise.


  • Given the General's past career, it is likely that he is on good terms with Vandal Savage, since he is on good terms with so many of Savage's former aliases.
  • In 2004, DC writer John Byrne restarted the Doom Patrol series and declared that the previous history had never happened, though this revision did not tamper with the history of all its villains, since their history had also been chronicled in various Teen Titans books. Since Infinite Crisis, all Doom Patrol continuity Byrne attempted to wipe out is now largely restored, including that of General Immortus.


  • General Immortus appeared in the "Homecoming" and "Titans Together" episodes of the Teen Titans animated television series. Actor Xander Berkeley provided the voice for General Immortus.

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