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General Graardor (called Bandos Boss in Quick chat) is currently the sixth strongest monster in RuneScape after K'ril Tsutsaroth, Nomad, TzTok-Jad, the Spirit Beast and the Corporeal Beast, and is therefore the fifth highest attackable creature after Nomad, K'ril Tsutsaroth, TzTok-Jad and the Corporeal Beast. He is the boss of Bandos' Stronghold. To get access to his chamber players must kill 40 of Bandos' followers. The easiest method is killing 40 goblins. General Graardor is the most popular of the four God Wars bosses to kill. To enter his stronghold, players must have at least 70 Strength and a normal or Stealing Creation hammer.



For many centuries, General Graardor was thought to be an ancestor of the ogres, also rumoured to have been the beast that captured the lands of the Feldip Hills and Jiggig for the ogre's use. When the ice of the God Wars Dungeon defrosted, many of the scribes of RuneScape were confused by the reappearance of such an old god and his army. General Graardor was found to be the final survivor of a near-extinct race known as Ourgs that once followed the path of Bandos. The general was chosen specifically by Bandos to guard the Godsword. General Graardor was also trained to use only his fists in combat, as demonstrated when players attempt to kill him.



When in battle, General Graardor says many quotes to do with defeating the characters that dare to venture deep enough to kill him, these quotes are:

  • "Death to our enemies!"
  • "Brargh!"
  • "Break their bones!"
  • "For the glory of the Big High War God!
  • "Split their skulls!"
  • "We feast on the bones of our enemies tonight!"
  • "Crush them underfoot!"

Team Strategy

A group of players killing General Graardor

The General should never be underestimated. Not only does he have very high defence, he can hit up to 60 with melee, and uses a ranged attack that hits everyone in the room, which hits up to 35. A team of at least 3 people as well as a tanker (i.e. a player with high defence and good armour to take Graardor's blows) is highly recommended. All players should use the Protect from Ranged Prayer, except for the player directly being attacked, who should use the Protect from Melee Prayer. The player being directly attacked should watch his or her health very carefully, as he/she can still be hit by Graardor's ranged attack. All players should be careful of Graardor's minions, as one uses melee, one uses ranged, and one uses magic. There is an altar there, but it can only be used every 10 minutes, so it is advised to bring prayer potions or super restores just in case. One good strategy much used before the trade limit update was to trade the tanker more food or Saradomin brews if he/she was to run out. This can be used now after the update as well but you can only trade a certain amount of food/brews now. Some say he is the easiest of the bosses in the God Wars Dungeon, but don't take him too lightly.

A Bandos Godsword donning a Bandos hilt, one of the drops attainable from General Graardor.

Solo Strategy

General Graardor can be soloed with ranged or melee at a very high level.

If you wish to kill General Graardor and get a couple of kills, you should have 80+ defence, and 85+ in your offensive stat (either ranged or strength). However, it is possible to do it at 70 defence, 85 attack, and 90 strength, although at these levels you will be just about getting one kill per trip, sometimes none.

When soloing Graardor it is advised that you do not risk what you are not willing to lose, because even the most experienced Graardor soloers can find themselves taken to an unsafe hitpoints level in a relatively short period of time.

Bringing a ring of life is highly recommended, because Graardor hits up to 35 with ranged and 60 with melee, so there is a reasonable chance that your hitpoints will be dangerously low and a ring of life becomes your only chance of survival. Also, it is rather common for him to 'spam' his ranged attack, which can be difficult to deal with, especially if you get unlucky. If you need to eat, run to the other side of the chamber, this should give you enough time to eat 2 or 3 sharks or other high-healing food, before attacking him again.

You should keep Protect from Melee prayer on at all times. It is recommended that meleers bring a super set, prayer potions, and plenty of food.

A full set of Verac's armour is effective against General Graardor, as its set effect can hit high (usually over 30 damage) on him. However, there is the risk of losing Verac's Helmet should the player die without Protect Item being on, or should another item keep over the helmet.

The altar to Bandos in General Graardor's chamber.

Recommended Equipment



100% drop



Please add your charm drop rates to the next template:

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


28 - 44%

15 - 28%

11 - 24%

4 - 13%

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1 charm is dropped at once.

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Other drops


  • General Graardor makes brief cameo appearances throughout both RuneScape media and the game itself.
    • General Graardor makes an appearance on the main menu as a picture for the French servers release. He can be also seen on the Members' benefit page, and is included in Postbag from the Hedge Issue 39's top ten most powerful monsters.
    • Graardor is one of several in-game characters to feature on a set of downloadable RuneScape Duel Cards.
    • In the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor, in the Bandos army side, it shows an "Ourg" with the image of General Graardor, which was the first time he was referred to as a member of the race. This was confirmed in the 39th edition of Postbag from the Hedge.
    • During the 2009 Easter Event while sorting the defected nuts, players could also find various other objects. One of these was a plushie or figurine of Graardor.
    • A poster depicting General Graardor can be purchased from the Jagex Store. A computer wallpaper depicting him can also be found on the Official RuneScape Website.
    • Graardor features in an Armies of Gielinor advert sometimes seen on the Funorb website. In it, he is shown punching towards the viewer before the game's logo appears.
    • In December 2009, the Jagex Store was temporarily taken down while parts of the site were re-worked. When visiting the website, the only accessible page featured a picture of General Graardor, along with the message "Coming This December."
  • Prior to the release of The Chosen Commander quest, Graardor referred to Bandos as the "Big High War God." He now refers to him by name, in keeping with the idea that "Big High War God" is a term used only by the goblin race.
  • Prior to 6 May 2009, General Graardor dropped Big bones instead of Ourg bones when killed.
  • When entering the Bandos section of the God Wars dungeon, a Stealing Creation hammer will also work.
  • Due to a summoning update, tanking at Bandos has been found quite difficult. When a player's familiar attacks General Graardor, he will switch to the player and back again several times, making him a dangerous opponent. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a glitch, simply a side effect of the summoning update of the '18 August 2009 - Menagerie, Familiar Controls and Butlers' update.
  • Mod Emilee has confirmed that no changes have been made to the Bandos Godwars Dungeon, and that they will be monitoring the dungeon. See summoning side effect above.
  • Although he drops the Bandos armour, the armour itself is much smaller than his. Also, General Graardor is wearing a type of leopard printed Tassets, while when on a player, it is a basic cream colour.

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