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DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is an extremely complex molecule that serves as the "master molecule" of organic life by encoding for proteins that form cellular structures. DNA molecules are made up of two intertwined chains of simpler molecules called bases, assembled on rails of sugar and phosphate molecules like rungs on a ladder.

Four different kinds of molecules form the rungs of the DNA ladder: adenine, thymine, guanine, and cytosine, which are typically referred to by their first letters, A, T, G, and C. In the DNA molecule, A always pairs with T, and G always pairs with C. DNA molecules replicate by "unravelling" their rails. Each rail keeps its associated base. Complementary bases (A for T, G for C) attach to the free bases until two new strands of DNA are created.

Unique to each individual, DNA is often used to identify individuals. By the 22nd century, Vulcans were obtaining DNA samples from every infant Vulcan and storing the DNA sequences in a massive database known as the Vulcan Genome Registry. In 2154, a Romulan back faction of the Vulcan High Command planted a DNA sample from T'Pau on the remains of a bomb exploded in the United Earth embassy, hoping to frame her and the Syrrannite movement for the bombing. However Doctor Phlox quickly determined that the DNA had been purposely planted on the bomb fragments.(ENT episode: "The Forge")

In 2369, following clues developed by his mentor, Richard Galen, Captain Jean-Luc Picard discovered that an ancient race of humanoids had seeded many planets with their DNA billions of years earlier.

The result of this DNA being spread across the galaxy is the humanoid form itself. This DNA creates a tendency toward a specific external form. The similarity created allows even for inter-species reproduction between species that evolved quadrants apart, however the internal workings even down to the base element of the blood can still be quite diverse. (TNG episode: "The Chase").

The following year, former Ferengi DaiMon Bok somehow resequenced the DNA of Jason Vigo in order to convince Captain Jean-Luc Picard that Vigo was in fact his son in order to take revenge on Picard over the loss of his son. This elaborate deception was uncovered by Doctor Beverly Crusher when Vigo began suffering seizures resulting from the DNA resequencing, and also due to the fact that Vigo suffered from Forrester-Trent Syndrome. Forrester-Trent Syndrome was inherited from one parent, and neither Picard or Miranda Vigo had the condition.(TNG episode: "Bloodlines")


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Gene Lindsey
Biographical information


Physical description





M6, knife

Chronological and political information

Human-Covenant War

Notable Facts

Wanted to be a gangster by trying to rape a woman


Crystal Security?

"Okay, angel. Time for you to meet the big dog."
"See, the problem with being a big dog, is there's always a bigger dog. The trouble with being bad, Gene, is you only last as long as you're the scariest pup on the block. And no matter how bad you are, how tough, how fast, you know what's waiting for you, big dog? A bigger bitch."
—Janissary James

Gene Lindsey is a wannabe gangster trying to join Thin Kinkle's gang. In 2552, he was given an initiation test: raping some woman on a secluded city street. Two guards, Pete and Marty, would be there to help see it through.

However, his friend Paolo recognized that this would be blackmail material he would never be able to escape from and enlisted the help of Janissary James, who had rescued him from Thin the week before. Jan took out both guards before pretending to offer herself in exchange for the victim. She proceeded to engage Gene in combat, shooting his toe off at one point. Gene finally was left beaten, bones broken, threatening her with Thin's revenge.


  • As a member of Thin Kinkle's gang, Gene went by the nickname "Optical".


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Character Template Help
Real Name
Eugene Milton Judd
Current Alias



Zuzha Yu (daughter, deceased)

Major Mapleleaf (son-in-law)

Unnamed grandson


Base Of Operations


3' 6"
formerly 6'6"

230 lbs (105 kg)


Black,  (bald on top)

Unusual Features
Puck is a dwarf with a shaved head and cauliflowered ear.


Marital Status

Bouncer, adventurer, bullfighter, former mercenary

Highly skilled fighter with limited invulnerability.

Place of Birth


First appearance
Last appearance

Alpha Flight #1
(August, 1983)
New Avengers #16
(April, 2006)



Puck in original outfit
Born in 1914, Eugene Milton Judd was both a giant of a man and an incredible athlete. He became a mercenary seeking the Black Blade of Baghdad. Upon claiming it, he was attacked by the being known as Razar that possessed the blade. The spirit of Raazer lengthened Judd's lifespan, but also caused him great pain and to become much shorter.

Judd continued to travel the world. It is known that he met the author Ernest Hemingway in Spain. He is also very familiar with Wolverine and the Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff). He met Modred the Mystic while battling the Brass Bishop. Years later, Guardian had him released from jail and offered membership in Alpha Flight. He agreed and took the name of Puck.

The spirit's curse was removed, leaving Puck as a taller but much older man. Loki transported Puck to Tibet as part of his schemes. While there, Puck sought out a lama hoping to get away from everything, as he had grown tired of the world. Tibet itself was being overtaken by the Chinese military at the time. After meeting with him, the lama offered Puck a choice: to be reunited with his friends who were in danger or to travel throughout the other dimensions. He chose to save his friends and was sent to the realm of the Dreamqueen.

Although the others were freed, Dreamqueen captured Puck and tortured him. She restored his youth to ensure she could torture him endlessly. Puck was reunited with the others and freed as they returned from battling the evil sorcerer Llan.

Puck was placed in a hospital to recover from his injuries. He was then abducted by the Master of the World and experimented on. Sasquatch was able to undo the damage, and Puck was 'compressed' into a young, dimunitive form. Since then he has remained a loyal member of Alpha Flight. He has been called the 'heart and soul' of the team.

He, along with the rest of Alpha Flight stand to block the Collective from entering Canada. The Collective doesn't even stop and leaves behind the deceased bodies of Puck and Alpha Flight.

Powers and Abilities


  • Due to genetic manipulation of his cellular structure, Pucks tissues are condensed at a molecular level which renders his body akin to compressed rubber. As a result Puck possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, and endurance.
  • Puck's lifespan has been artificially extended by Razer and Dreamqueen.
  • Puck can enter a trancelike state
Power Grid [1]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills


Puck is a professional level athlete and fighter, with astounding skill in these areas for a man of his size. He had trained himself to be as strong and physically capable as it is possible for a person of his size to be prior to receiving his superhuman abilities. He had the speed and agility of a 6-foot tall athlete. He is particularly adept at gymnastics, and is capable of executing a series of cartwheels with such speed and force that he can bowl over a crowd of people almost twice his size. (It is this spinning stunt that earned him a comparison to a hockey puck, and hence his nickname). He is a self-taught fighter with decades of experience in hand-to-hand combat and a special fighting style designed to take advantage of his stature. His overall superb physical condition provides him with reflexes, recovery time, and stamina far exceeding the average for a 6-foot adult male.

Puck also has many other unusual talents, most of which have yet to be revealed. He is a successful bullfighter, has some knowledge of sorcery (although no real ability at practicing it), and can put himself into a temporary death-like coma.

Strength level

In his current form, Puck possesses superhuman strength sufficient to lift about 10 tons. Prior to undergoing the process that granted him superhuman strength, Puck possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build that engaged in intensive regular exercise.



On a few occasions Judd used the Black Blade of Baghdad.


  • Although his association with Alpha Flight was considered classified information, Puck never went to great lengths to conceal his secret identity.


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  1. All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update #1

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