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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki


Gender in EQ2 has NO effect on your character other than the appearance of your model. There are no gender-dependent mods to statistics.

There are how ever, a very very small selection of gender restricted armors. These are almost always fluff/fashion pieces.

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

The Makeover Mage can change a player's gender and skin colour for 3,000 coins.

Gender refers to whether a character in RuneScape is male or female. Like race, it is an attribute that applies to all player characters and many non-player characters (NPCs).

A player's gender does not limit their skills in any way, and, with minor exceptions, it does not restrict their abilities. Whilst male and female players cannot necessarily do the same things in all ways, they can do equivalent things. In contrast, some NPCs appear to be segregated (although subtly) by gender. For example, female H.A.M. members are easier to pickpocket than males.


Player characters

A player's Male and Female forms.

Players define their character's gender when creating their account; the only choices are male or female. They can change their gender at any time via the Makeover Mage near Falador for a fee of 3000 coins[1], or a Makeover voucher, obtained to change your gender back if you were male at the beginning of Recruitment Drive.

This flexibility means that the gender of an in-game character does not necessarily reflect the real-life gender or gender identity of the player. However, in a March 2008 poll, 92% of respondents said their character is the same gender as themselves[2].

The players of RuneScape are not evenly divided between the genders. In February 2008, Geoff Iddison (the CEO of Jagex at the time) claimed in an interview that the player base is "over 60 percent male", though the interviewer speculated that the true figure was likely to be higher than this comment would suggest[3]. Indeed, a poll conducted just one month later showed that 90% of respondents claimed to be male[4].

In June 2008, Iddison admitted that Jagex's strategy favoured male players but added that "we’ve got some plans there" to redress the imbalance[5]. Evidence of this appeared beginning in September of that year, when the RuneScape banner across the top of the homepage was changed to feature two female warriors prominently.

After Iddison's resignation from Jagex in January 2009, his successor, Mark Gerhard played down the apparent imbalance, saying: "I'm not sure I share Geoff's view that there is a large "male" imbalance in the game. I'm aware of numerous women in our clan and I know our player base reflects the population in general, so that's adults, pensioners, children, males and females."[6] This was eleven months after the poll.


Players are generally not restricted on the clothes or armour they can wear based on their gender. For example, both male and female player characters may wear plateskirts, platelegs, and skirts.

There are a few exceptions to this; for example, the princess outfit (which only females can wear) and the prince outfit (which only male players can wear). This is the same for most Circus outfits such as the Acrobat costume. Essentially, the outfits are equivalent, and simply change from one version to the other as the player changes their gender.

However, many players believe it to be sexist that some outfits on a female show their midriff, whereas they do not on males. Some feel this to be undue sexualisation of female avatars.

Of particular interest is Vyrewatch clothing, which completely changes depending upon the players gender. Notably, Vyrewatch shoes look like high-heels on female avatars.


Gender plays little role in enhancing or limiting any particular abilities in RuneScape with the notable exception of the Recruitment Drive quest, which requires the player to be female. Male characters will need to change their gender in order to complete the quest (the 3000 coins will be refunded after they do). Note that your hairstyle might NOT go back to normal after a gender-change. However, there is a hair stylist who will change your hairstyle and facial hair for free in Falador, just north of the White Knight's castle.

There is also a minor restriction based on gender in The Giant Dwarf, in which the player must choose a mining company to join. Female players cannot join The Brown Engine, but correspondingly, male players cannot join The Yellow Fortune. Players of either gender can still choose freely from any one of the remaining six companies, except the Red Axe, which no player may join.

During Throne of Miscellania, male players must convince Princess Astrid to marry them, and female players must convince Prince Brand to marry them. Players cannot choose which gender they would prefer to be with, as both Astrid and Brand seem to be hetrosexual. The quest journal entry for Blood Runs Deep advises players to have the same gender they had in Throne of Miscellania to get the most out of the story.

However an observation made is that if you speak with Advisor Ghrim after completing Throne of Miscellania as a male and have since changed your gender to female, he will act as if you completed the quest as a female and vice versa. Likewise, King Vargas acts like the player was female/male when completing Blood Runs Deep quest even if they change afterwards.

Non-player characters

Many NPCs have a well-defined gender, and these are not limited to humans. For example, Aga the troll and Zanik the goblin are female, while Doric the dwarf and Pescaling Pax the penguin are male. We can discern these from the fact that other NPCs refer to them as "she" or "he" respectively.

H.A.M. members are divided into male and female, and it is apparently easier to pick the pockets of females than males; players can pickpocket a female H.A.M. member at level 15 Thieving, but they need level 20 Thieving to pickpocket a male H.A.M. member[7].

Low-level NPCs, known only as "Man" and "Woman," are commonly found in Lumbridge and other places. Unlike H.A.M. members, it is equally easy to pick the pockets of either gender, each requiring only level 1 Thieving[7].

Most regular non-human monsters are genderless - for example, trolls and goblins that are not part of a quest will be gender-indeterminate - but humans will always have some kind of gender-defining characteristic. There are exceptions, however, such as with ice trolls. Very few characters completely lack a gender, such as the Homunculus.

Interestingly, on Evil Bob's island in ScapeRune there is one female slave; however, originally there were two slaves, one male and one female.

Gender versus sex

The attribute of male or female is only ever referred to as "gender" in the game and the documentation, since "sex" (though a synonym in everyday English) is a word that is automatically censored by the chat filter. RuneScape contains very family-friendly romantic elements (such as the giving of flowers in Troll Romance, giving the prince or princess items to convince him/her to marry the player in Throne of Miscellania, or the "blow kiss" emote), but no sexual content; therefore, it is not considered necessary for players to use the word "sex" or any of its derivatives.


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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

A pair of Humans, male (left) and female (right).

Most beings in the galaxy belonged to one of two sexes, male or female. However, some species, such as the Hutts, could adopt the sexual characteristics of either gender, and were classified as hermaphrodites. Other variable species, like the X'Ting, changed gender periodically based on hormonal cycles. Some alien species had more than two sexes (the insectoid Xi'Dec had over 180 different sexes, presumably due to variations in compatible genitalia). Finally, some species, like the Filordi, were asexual, with individuals being able to reproduce on their own. The Fnessian race had a previously undocumented gender called Thos. The Rakririans also had a third sex, known as facilitator drones.



A number of species reproduced hermaphrodically. For instance, individual Hutts contained both male and female reproductive organs.[1] Other hermaphroditic species included the Pui-ui,[2] the Verpine, and Strills.

Another example of an hermaphrodite species is the Vratix. A Vratix individual would, during his life assume both the role of impregnator and gestator ("male" and "female"), depending on its age.[3]


Most species possessed distinct characteristics that distinguished males and females. Females tended to have slighter frames than males and possessed voices with a higher pitch and tonal quality. Females of most mammalian species (and some reptilian species) were distinguished by their breasts. Social practices also further characterized females by how they are expected to act, the clothing they wear, and how they are expected to style their hair (if that species grew it).

Males tended to be larger, with broader shoulders and deeper voices. Males had more muscle mass and were expected to perform better with manual labor than females. Social practices expected males to behave in certain ways, wear certain clothing, and style their hair in a way that was considered "masculine" in order to further differentiate that gender from the females of the species.

Excargans sexes were undetermined in their youth, with both males and females having similar features. Around their thirteenth birthday, an Exargan's sex would then develop.

Droid gender programming

Droids, especially those with complex personalities and those which worked in close partnerships with organic beings, such as protocol droids and astromech droids, were often programmed to have stereotypically masculine or feminine personalities. Thus, even mechanical beings were usually designated he or she.

Behind the scenes

Several Star Wars games allow the player to choose and customize the main character's sex. Such characters are Rookie One, Jaden Korr, Revan and the Jedi Exile. Since Star Wars has a definite story and canon, subsequent publications have defined the canonical sex of those persons in the historical 'reality' of the Star Wars continuity. While Rookie One,[4] Revan, and Jaden Korr were canonized as male, the Jedi Exile was made into a female character,[5] which caused some consternation among the Star Wars community. In addition, Star Wars Galaxies allows the player to choose the sex of his or her character. Unlike the above characters, however, Galaxies player characters are not canonical, but many of the events they take part in in-game are and are referred to as spacers on Wookieepedia.

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From TibiaWiki

The sex or gender of a character (male or female) is chosen when he or she is created.

Gender roles in Tibia

As far as we know, Tibia has no programmed adjustments for any skill areas based on sex. The following observations are worth noting, however:

  • Female characters cannot sell loot at the Outlaw Camp because H.L., the NPC there, refuses to speak to women. The reason for this is unknown. It could be that H.L. thinks women are not suited for a life of medieval adventuring. Some players speculate that H.L. is, in fact, gay.
  • Female characters are less likely to be targeted for player killing.
  • Many (perhaps most) female characters are male in real-life, whereas very few male characters are played by real-life females.

Changing sex

A premium account player can change the sex of a character, but there this results in a penalty of 5 days premium membership for every sex change performed. Because of this, when creating characters, it is advisable to choose a name and sex that are appropriately matched.

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