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The terms gemstone or gem can refer to any of the following:

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Cut gems.

Gems can be obtained from mining and trading with other players. Using the Crafting skill, uncut gems can be cut, combined with precious metals to make jewellery and then enchanted using the Magic skill. Gems can also be cut into gem bolt tips. Wearing a charged Amulet of Glory increases a player's chances of unearthing a gem whilst mining. However, one does not receive any additional Mining experience if one manages to mine a gem in such a fashion.

Gems also are a frequent drop from a wide range of monsters and are occasionally given out as gifts from various random events. Random events and monster drops generally give sapphire, emerald, ruby or a diamond. Dragonstones are dropped only by some of the higher level monsters, although any monster that drops gems and many random events, can drop or give Half of a keys to unlock a chest in Taverley, the contents of which include uncut dragonstone.

The statutes in Bandos's throne room frequently drop cut gems from sapphire through diamond, making the room popular for some gem hunters who can kill the statutes easily. The quest The Chosen Commander is required for access to the throne room.

Gems can also be mined from the gem rocks in the north-west corner of Shilo Village, Lunar Isle Mine and occasionally in Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame. Gem rocks contain, in order of highest probability, opal, jade, red topaz, sapphire, emerald, ruby and diamond.

Some gems can be purchased, stolen or sold to a gem shop identified with a red gem File:Gemshopicon.PNG icon on the map.

The original free version gems were officially released in the crafting update in May 2001. In March 2001, Jagex made gems appear while mining, although it was unintentional.

Ironically, uncut gems are worth more on the player market than cut gems are as players are able to get more Crafting experience from cutting gems.

Because of the high price of uncut gems, it is recommended that players keep the gems they find if they are mining lower levelled ores such as coal, but drop them if they are mining ores such as adamantite ore or runite ore.


This article uses material from the "Gems" article on the Runescape wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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