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Character design
Sprite(s) Battle sprite Gekkou's portrait
Japanese Name Gekkou
Kana ゲッコウ
Romaji Gekkō
Job Ninja
Skill Shuriken, Ninjutsu
Birthplace Eblan
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Laterality Right-Handed
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Character

Gekkou is the stalwart leader of the Eblan Four in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, and is known as Gekkou of Fire. He is a warm-hearted, honorable man of few words.



When Eblan receives word of Baron stealing Crystals from the other nations, the Eblan Four become eager to assist Edge, and they are sent on missions to gather information. Gekkou travels to Fabul to investigate the crater of a meteorite that crashed near Mt. Hobs. At the base of the crater he sees a mysterious person engaging with the Monks from Fabul quickly defeating them. Gekkou ponders if he would be able to save the monks, but, remembering the orders of his master, he regretfully retreats in order to bring the intel he has gather. He reunites with Edge and the other Eblan Four within the Tower of Babil and after beign forced to escape from the Mysterious Girl and Ifrit they fall to the Underworld and into the Falcon.

In the Gathering Tale, Gekkou watches over Yang, Ursula and the other incapacitated characters below the Falcon's deck. During the ending, he is seen overlooking the training of Ursula. In the end he and the other Ninja Guard of Eblan renew their vows of loyalty to Edge awaiting for their next mission.

Equipment and Stats

He can equip axes, hammers, boomerangs, and katanas.


Gekkou can use the Shuriken ability, which is a less versatile form of Edge's Throw ability, in addition he can also use the following Ninjutsu techniques:

Spell Learned
Flame Initial Skill
Flash Level 15
Payback Wave Level 24
Blast Level 42

Gekkou is able to perform band abilities with the entire Eblan Ninja Force and Yang due to his time undercover in Fabul.

  • Blazing Moon Ring: Gekkou (Shuriken) + Edge (Ninjutsu)
  • Explosive Kick: Gekkou (Shuriken) + Yang (Kick)
  • Phantom Lightflies: Gekkou (Ninjutsu) + Izayoi (Illusions)
  • Wheel of Elements: Gekkou (Ninjutsu) + Izayoi (Ninjutsu) + Tsukinowa (Ninjutsu) + Zangetsu (Ninjutsu)
  • Ultimate Art: Advent of the Phoenix: Gekkou (Shuriken) + Zangetsu (Human Kite) + Edge (Grab & Smash) + Tsukinowa (Steal) + Izayoi (Illusions)


Main article: Gekkou (Boss)

Gekkou is fought as a boss, along with the remaining Eblan Four, at the beginning of Edge's Tale, as part of a training session.


His name literally means "moonlight" (月光 Gekkō?).


  • Gekkou is seen to take the guise of a Monk during the ending credits, however he's never seen using it while undercover in Fabul.

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