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Type: Planet
Location: Mutter's Spiral
Appearances: BNA: Mean Streets

Gehenna was the home planet of the Demoniacs.

Gehenna was a newly formed planet (as of the 26th century) and largely consisted of active volcanoes and shifting lava. Smoke from these volcanoes gave the planet a thicker atmosphere. The gravity was also lighter than on Earth.

Gehenna and its people were named by the Human explorers from Earth who discovered it. Life was dangerous on Gehenna, and the Demoniacs spent most of their time simply surviving. Because of this, many choose to leave the planet and to find work on other planets. (BNA: Mean Streets)

Gehenna was probably named after the Jewish hell.

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DC Comics

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Gehenna (New Earth)
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Gen, Miss Hewitt






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From The Vault

location: Burham Springs
appearances: Van Buren
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Gehennae are horrible monsters found only in Burham Springs. They are slightly larger than humans and appear to be made of black tar and shiny oil. They are vaguely human-shaped, but their features are hard to analyze through the flames that constantly sputter across their bodies. Their eyes are bulbous glowing orange spheres that seem stuck into their ovoid heads. The Gehennae are dangerous both for their fiery melee attacks and the toxic fumes they breathe onto enemies. When they die, they collapse into a disgusting pile of smoking black goo. Gehennae are fairly mindless monsters, usually attacking anyone they see who moves too quickly. They have very poor senses, and can sometimes overlook creatures that stand still. They are related to the even more dangerous molechs.

Appearances in games

Gehennae have not appeared in any published game. They were to appear only in Van Buren the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle.


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Marvel Database

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Official Name
Gehenom; Gehinom


Star System





First appearance

Wolverine Vol 2 #13
(October, 1989)



Gehenna is a term used in Jewish and Christian writings for the place where evil people go in the afterlife. The name is derived from a geographical site in Jerusalem known as the Valley of Hinnom, one of the two principal valleys surrounding the Old City. In Jewish tradition this valley was associated with the idea of Hell.

In ancient days, Gehenna was a charnal pit of evil where the refuse of humanity was buried and burned. A place of legendary unspeakable evil, the residents of Gehenna committed unholy atrocities in the name of their leader, Ba'al. Ba'al led his followers through various perverse and hideous rituals, including drinking the blood of human beings.

It is believed that God was so offended by the atrocities committed in Gehenna that he sent forth a proud warrior known as the Hand of God to stop him. The Hand of God slew Ba'al, but his inherent evil was so strong, that it literally spilled forth from his dead body and entered a glittering multi-faceted stone. Cut by his own followers, this enchanted rock became known as the Gehenna Stone. Ba'al's followers rebelled against the Hand of God, but the Hand of God persevered, splintering the Gehenna Stone into pieces with his sword. He then cast the fragments across the four corners of the globe, insuring that Ba'al's soul could never reconstitute itself. [1]



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