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Gazulibirds are an extinct species of bird that once inhabited Gielinor. They are mentioned only in an early issue of Postbag from the Hedge.

According to the Makeover Mage, the Gazulibirds were recently driven to extinction, although how this came about is unexplained. Despite their endangered status, the Makeover Mage killed a nest of them, in which he (or she) found a Yin yang amulet. This amulet provided the mage with the ability to alter the body magically.

Gazulibirds may have some connection with the Eastern Lands, as they evidently had a Yin-Yang amulet in their nest. The Yin-Yang is a prominent symbol in real-world Chinese philosophy, suggesting a possible connection with the unexplored lands in the east.


  • The Gazulibirds may be a joke on Jagex's part. The Make-Over Mage mentioned slaughtering an entire nest of endangered birds. In the same letter, the mage mentioned that when a girl, her name is Peta. This is also the name of a real-world animal-rights group known as PETA. The actions of the Makeover Mage are very contradictory to her name.
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