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Glowing Eyes in Final Fantasy IX, a branch of the Gaze abilities.

Gaze is a recurring enemy ability in the series. It usually inflicts a status effect, normally Paralyze, to a character, and its cousin Stare and Glare tends to inflict non-elemental damage as well as various statuses to a single character.




Final Fantasy

Gaze is an enemy ability used by Big Eye, Evil Eye, Odd Eye, and Vampire. It merely inflicts Paralyze, whereas Stare, used only by Evil Eye, inflicts minor non-elemental damage.

Final Fantasy III

Glare comes in three different versions. One version can inflict Petrify, while another can inflict Sleep, and the last can inflict Confusion. None of them inflicts any damage to the target.

Final Fantasy IV

Glare, originally called Glance, is an enemy ability used by Bloody Eye. It inflicts either Confusion, Sleep, or Paralyze.

Final Fantasy VI

Gaze is an enemy ability exclusive to Plague in the Advance remake. It inflicts Blind, Confusion, and Silence to one party member. Glare is used by Outcast, which inflicts Blind on a party member.

Final Fantasy VII

Stare Down is an enemy ability used by Twin Brain and Chekov which merely inflicts Stop on one party member.

Final Fantasy VIII

Stare is an enemy ability used only by Vysage. It inflicts non-elemental damage as well as the Poison, Blind, Silence, and Confusion statuses.

Final Fantasy IX

Glowing Eyes, used by the enemy Hecteyes, inflicts Sleep on one character.

Final Fantasy X

Gaze is an enemy ability used by Sin's head. It inflicts massive non-elemental damage to the party.

Final Fantasy XI

Several enemy abilities are referred to as gaze attacks. These attacks are only effective if the user and the target are facing each other. Notably, the Hecteyes genus does not have to be "facing" its target, as it has eyes on all sides.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Gaze is an enemy ability used by Naga. It inflicts Confusion to a single party member. Stare also inflicts Confusion to a single party member, but is used by the enemies Minotaur Zombie, Red Cap, Snow Crab, and Stone Golem.

The Final Fantasy Legend

Final Fantasy Legend II


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