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Gau's Father's House

Gau's Father's House is a location in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is located north of the Veldt. Inside lives Gau's father, who is insane. He always thinks that anyone who enters the house is the repairman and asks him or her to fix his appliances. One night, however, he dreamed that he had a demon child, who was in fact Gau. He threw Gau out onto The Veldt, thinking that he was the demon child from his dreams.


World of Balance

Gau's Father's House on the WOB map

After falling off a raft on the Lethe River, Sabin washes ashore near here. If he enters the house, he can find Shadow waiting near the well outside. Sabin asks for Shadow's help to get to Narshe, and Shadow accepts. There is also a traveling merchant who stops by here, and Sabin can enter the house and meet Gau's father, who threatens to toss Sabin onto The Veldt when he burns himself on the stove.



Item Price
Tonic 50 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Tent 1200 Gil
Shuriken 30 Gil
Inviz Edge 200 Gil
Shadow Edge 400 Gil
Plumed Hat 250 Gil
Sprint Shoes 1500 Gil

World of Ruin

Gau's Father's House on the WOR map

If Sabin takes Gau back here, he offers to help Gau get cleaned up so he can present himself to his father. The party then goes to Jidoor, where Setzer helps him pick out an outfit. Sabin then takes Gau to meet his father. His father becomes furious, but Gau is happy that his father is alive nontheless.

Monster Formations

Plains (WOB)

Forest (WOB)

Barrens (WOR)

Forest (WOR)


"What?" from Final Fantasy VI
Image:FFVI - What.ogg
Trouble with the audio sample?

The background theme that plays at Gau's Father Home is called "What?".

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