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Professor Gast.

Gast Faremis (ガスト・ファレミス, Gasuto Faremisu) was a researcher in Final Fantasy VII. He was the head of Shinra's Science Research Department. Unlike his colleagues, the later successor, Professor Hojo and Dr. Hollander, he pursued wisdom for its own sake, rather than using it to gain power. In the original Final Fantasy VII his name is given as simply Professor Gast, but the Ultimania gives Gast's full name as "Gast Faremis".

Gast drew the wrongful conclusion that Jenova was a Cetra, and Shinra sent Hojo and Lucrecia Crescent to assist him in his research to create the Jenova Project. He and Hojo injected Lucrecia with Jenova cells, in order to make Lucrecia and Hojo's unborn child, a new race of Cetra. This child was called Sephiroth. Gast, however, regrets this decision, and leaves the project. Gast continues his research on the Cetra in his laboratory in Icicle Inn, where he meets Ifalna, the last remaining Cetra.

He records the interviews he conducts on Ifalna, where he learns the truth about Jenova and the Promised Land. He later seems to have fallen in love with Ifalna, and they have a baby: Aeris. However, they are tracked down by the Shinra, and Hojo kills Gast trying to capture Ifalna and Aeris.


  • He is one of the few people Sephiroth respected in Final Fantasy VII.

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