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Garrus-9 is an Autobot penitentiary in the IDW continuity portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Beautiful scenery.

A comprehensive detention and rehabilitation facility, Garrus-9 also known as "G-9" is decidedly more humane than comparable Decepticon prisons. The penitentiary houses the disembodied sparks of those robots (Autobot and Decepticon) incarcerated under the Tyrest Accord by warrant officers such as Ultra Magnus. Such sparks are held in a special section known as "The Rig."


Known Staff:

Known Inmates:

Spacious accommodations.



IDW comics continuity

Jetfire was assigned to the facility by Optimus Prime after the apprehension of the Monstructor gestalt. The task was given high priority, as combiner technology falling into Decepticon hands would be a disastrous upset of the Cybertronian galactic cold war. Spotlight: Optimus Prime Though Fortress Maximus expressed unease that the combiner team was not being kept in spark stasis like the other inmates, Jetfire explained that the alterations Jhiaxus had performed on them had rendered such options moot for now.

Tipped off by Doubledealer, Banzai-Tron sent the Combaticons to blitz the facility and retrieve the coveted technology. This forced the warden's hand, and so Fortress Maximus freed one of his most dangerous inmates, the Autobot female Arcee. She made impressive inroads on the otherwise fearsome strike team, but ultimately was unable to prevent their retreat with the assets.

After Jetfire convinced the warden to look the other way, Arcee was allowed to escape and pursue her quarry. Spotlight: Arcee

However, word of the events on Garrus-9 reached the Autobot Orbital Command Hub and were relayed to Optimus Prime. The sensitivity of what the Decepticon raid might have gained forced the Autobot leader to withdraw from Earth, even with the danger of Megatron and Sixshot looming large. Devastation issue 5

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