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This article is about the Jedi Master. You may be looking for the star Garen.
Garen Muln
Biographical information

18 BBY, Jedi asteroid[1]

Physical description




Chronological and political information

Rise of the Empire era

Known masters

Clee Rhara

Known apprentices

Lune Oddo Divinian

"As Garen would say, piece of sweetcake."
Siri Tachi

Garen Muln was a Human male Jedi Master who lived during the final decades of the Galactic Republic. He served as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars and survived Order 66.




Early life

At about 42 BBY or 41 BBY he became the apprentice of Clee Rhara. He was a good friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi, and though the two would occasionally squabble over pointless matters, they kept a close relationship over the years. As a teenager, Garen acted as a decoy of Obi-Wan, due to their similar appearances, when the Dark Jedi Xanatos infiltrated the Jedi Temple in a nearly successful attempt to assassinate Yoda.

When Jedi Master Clee Rhara established a Jedi starship piloting program on Coruscant's moon of Centax 2, Garen was one of the first to volunteer to train. He proved to be one of its most talented pilots, which was probably the reason as to why Rhara chose him as her Padawan. During a mission together in the Xanlanner system, Garen and fellow Jedi Siri Tachi had to detour to Vanqor in a successful bid to save Obi-Wan's apprentice Anakin Skywalker from the deranged scientist, Jenna Zan Arbor. A few months later, he accompanied Mace Windu and Bant Eerin to Romin to save Obi-Wan, Siri, and their apprentices from another confrontation with Zan Arbor and Granta Omega, Xanatos' son.

Clone Wars

During the Clone Wars, Garen was one of the hundreds of Jedi assigned as commanders to battalions of clone troopers across the galaxy. Near the end of the war, his group was assigned to the world of Acherin. He worked with the Separatist commanders there, Toma and Raina Quill, to negotiate a truce. However, when Palpatine declared all Jedi to be enemies of the Republic, Garen was forced into hiding, fleeing with the help of Toma and Raina. They were able to get him offplanet so that he could hide on the frozen world of Ilum.

After the war

Obi-Wan: "Can I get you anything?"
Garen: "Just don't bring me a mirror. I can see on your face how bad it is."
―Obi-Wan and Garen en route to a hidden asteroid

When he arrived on Ilum, Garen ensconced himself within the Crystal Caves there, where all Jedi went to obtain their lightsaber crystals. Upon his arrival, Garen met another Jedi in hiding, but she would later leave to go to Coruscant. For nearly a year Garen remained in the caves and gradually weakened from malnutrition until he met the former Jedi Padawan, Ferus Olin, the old apprentice of Siri. Ferus informed him of Obi-Wan's survival and the two fled the planet, but not until after they had fought off an Imperial scouting party.

Garen, now reunited with his old friend Kenobi, was unfortunately too weak to talk during the journey. They arrived at a hidden asteroid that Ferus had planned to use as a makeshift sanctuary for fugitive Jedi. Once safe in the asteroid's interior, Garen was healed by an old acquaintance, Raina Quill, who was also with Toma. Garen later would train Lune Oddo Divinian in the Jedi way.

Garen Muln died on the Jedi's hidden asteroid when Darth Vader discovered its location and destroyed it by the Empire's new superweapon.


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Notes and references

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